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Cost # of Sessions Current Students Max Student Surface Player Lavel
$45 3 0 32 Hard Court 3.5-5.0
Entry Deadline: May 7th (TUE)
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Best of 305 Tennis Tournament Entry Fee is $45

Entry Deadline: Tue May 7th 11pm

Player Party on Finals Weekend.Jun 22/23

Draw Ceremony will be LIVE Thu Night via Instagram Live @Backhand_City and @TwinsofMiami

World Cup Format.  We will have pool play within each Division. You will play each opponent in your division once by a deadline (approximately 3 weeks) at a court and time of your choosing as negotiated over a phone conversation with your opponent.  The Women are the Captions of the Mixed Doubles teams and will coordinate the matches with the Captain's from the other team.

Scoring 8 Game Pro Set

You Get a point for every game your win.  3 Bonus Points if you win the set.

10-point Tie Breakers at 8-all.

We will organize the tournament via our broadcast Whatsapp group.

Please make payment here.  If you haven't already done so please register for the tournament and your partners name here.

Instructor Brian Lutz + Details


I've been enthusiastically teaching tennis since 1986.  I remember vividly I used my first paycheck to buy a Sony CD player at the local mall.  I still have the player sitting in my entertainment center as it resides next to my more efficient and modern MP3 player. 

Today my inspirations blends tried and true fundamentals with new innovative breakthroughs not unlike the products that sit under my TV stand.  My methodology consists of adapating a students natural bio-mechanics with modern swing technique. Once these fundamentals become more consistent we work into specific situation drills that come up the most during recreational play with fun and engaging team building exercises.

There will be times when the "wheels fall off" your tennis game.  My system allows the art of self discovery to be the core value of what we teach. This self awareness encourages students to have their own "aha moments" creating deeper understanding in themselves and their tennis game so when their game gets in a bad patch they have the resources within themselves to make modifications in the moment.


Feeling inspired?  Join me in class to self discover your tennis game. We have NOVICE, ADV BEG, INTERMEDIATE and ADV CLASSES to choose from based in Coconut Grove area of Miami, FL.

You can keep up with my daily thoughts on these matters and more on my blog here on Backhand City and on my Instagram page.

If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz


If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz

Location Coral Gables + Details

Ponce de Leon Blvd .
Miami FL ,


A private court in Coral Gables.

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