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Cost # of Sessions Current Students Max Student Surface Player Lavel
$500 18 2 8 Hard Court 3.5-4.5
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Welcome to our new service for the avid tennis player living in Miam calledi: #AcceleratorTennis


Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am - 8:30am at Phillips Park

We are taking the training regiment of ATP or WTA professional tennis player and creating a team of like minded advanced Miami tennis players who are serious about getting to the next level.


Once you get to a advanced tennis level it's not easy getting better. You have to put in the time and committment. Quality workouts with effecitve practice plans with your end goal in mind are paramount.  


This program isn't for everyone. Time, Energy, Money, Sweat will be invested. There are no short cuts. Miami tennis pllayers that want to get better can now immerse themselves into getting better at tennis for one flat monthly payment.  

How much work will it take? How many hours a week will I put in? Answer: As much as you want!


Get ready! You are going to do a lot of work on the court and off the court to get better. Our practice plans will cover 5 main phases to improve your tennis game:


Rebuild the engine:  If you want more power, endurance, consitency the first step is to build the body of a tennis player. A big part of our development program will be dedicated to fitness: core training, explosive leg drive and flexible muscles to generate efficient power.


Cleaning up bio-mechanical flaws to create better ball striking will be paramount.  Implementing these ball strking skills into situational drills are the key to improvement. 


How does your game fit into the scouting report of another players weekness? How do you expose it and decipher situations on your own and make adjustments?  Match play and tactical adjustments will be customized for each players game.


Understanding the 4 levels of cognitive peformance "brain game" will be the software that drives your tennis engine. The challenge will be getting your mind in the right stage of performance to maximize your play on that day.  Control yourself and accept the environement in the  moment.


We are going to play a lot of tennis. To improve over time your body needs the proper rest, nutrition and therapy to keep improving.  

We will leave no stone unturned.  Is it time to get serious about your tennis game?   





Instructor Brian Lutz + Details

I've been enthusiastically teaching tennis since 1986.  I remember vividly I used my first paycheck to buy a Sony CD player at the local mall.  I still have the player sitting in my entertainment center as it resides next to my more efficient and modern MP3 player. 

Today my inspirations blends tried and true fundamentals with new innovative breakthroughs not unlike the concepts that sit under my TV stand.  My methodology consists of bio-mechanical swing technique, situation drills with fun and engaging team building exercises.

You can keep up with my daily thoughts on these matters and more from running one's own tennis business on my blog here on Backhand City and on my Instagram page.

If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz


If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz

Location Kirk Munroe Tennis Center (Miami) + Details

3101 Florida Avenue
Coconut Grove FL , 33133

Directions: Tennis Courts are on Florida Avenue and Matilda Avenue just off of Grand Avenue in downtown Coconut Grove. Street parking is available at the courts with Muni-Meters. Locker rooms are available by the club house for changing.


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