Finding Aha Moments

We are about 45 minutes into our first tennis lesson together and it the aha moments are starting to flow with my new student Monica.  It’s really fun for both student and teacher to see someone’s tennis game evolve right before you eyes.

She is what you call a “good lead” in my profession.  In sales talk she had “pain points”.  Specifically, she was getting frustrated by her lack of improvement to her game after taking tennis lessons with a handful of tennis pro’s in and around Miami.  This last one just vanished from the grid which is very typical in Miami.

When I got her call and follow up texts you could sense the urgency so we found a spot for her on my schedule and got to work.  Usually the first lesson is all about installing my system so I do more talking than normal.  It’s collaborative but I’m in my element.  I love breaking it down in search of the aha moments thru my students eyes.  This is my Signature Course that I teach.

After 45 minutes we were rolling she was firmly grasping the concepts on her strokes and able to distinguish not only what was going wrong when she made and error but what was going RIGHT when she was hitting with consistency.

So I grabbed my phone and shot this quick uncut video as a authentic testimony so you can get a feel for our on court tennis experience.

One of the benefits of hitting with this type of system is you aren’t missing as much so you get a great workout.  So for those who have a FitBit or Apple Watch and want to measure your data you have come to the right place. Get ready for an explosion of steps and calories burned.

I want to emphasis this system of playing isn’t for everyone.  This system works best for just regular people who are scratching some sort of itch.  You have hit a plateau or you really want to learn how to play tennis and have that dedicated “check all the boxes” type of personality.  Translation: there are no short cuts or quick fixes!

Thanks for listening.  For more details about my Group Tennis Programs in Miami or my online Signature Course you are a click away from signing up.