2019 Miami Open Ticket Guide for Hard Rock Stadium


If You Build It They Will Come

The 2019 version of Miami Open is upon us and it’s time to buy tickets. Here is our Backhand City Ticket Guide to help you navigate your ticket buying decisions.

Miami Open at the Hard Rock

The Stadium within the Stadium at the Hard Rock home of the Miami Dolphins


Question #1: Which sessions and seats give you the best value for your experience?

It might make sense earlier in the tournament to buy the cheapest Stadium ticket and use the early rounds to watch matches on the outside courts where there are considerable upgrades and viewing options and a larger footprint for the tournament to build their literal field of dreams with numerous smaller stadiums and an abundance of practice courts with the majority having lights for extended night sessions.


How to find tennis tickets for the Miami Open?

Tournament Dates: March 20 – March 31, 2019 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.

One of the most under reported reasons Bruce Matheson essentially blocked the expansion of the Miami Open at Crandon Park Tennis Center is the increased price of tennis tickets. This rebellious power play essentially was the last straw broke the camels back that moved the tournament to it’s new home at Hard Rock Stadium.  This year’s tournament offers more challenges than ever with demand based prices for the most popular days of the tournament including day sessions Friday March 22nd and Saturday March 23rd during the first weekend of the tournament as well as the second Friday Night March 29th (Men’s Semi-finals) and  Sunday, March 31st (Men’s Final) .



Inflation over the last ten years has averaged 1.8%.   By comparison a ticket in the 400 level in 2008 was around $45 bucks with taxes and fees. That same ticket for the first Friday day session of the Miami Open in 2019 is priced at around $100.  But the key difference in 2019 is there is NO 400 level.  Nose bleeds will be considered 300 level.

Here is the breakdown for Friday and Saturday Day Sessions during the first weekend:

$79 face  value + $13.50 service fee + $3 facility charge + $5 order processing fee = $100.50

UPDATE DYNAMIC PRICING: $105 face value + 13.50 service fee + $3 facility charge + $5 order processing fee = $126.50



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Tennis Players to see at the Miami Open

If you can afford this ticket its worth it as the first Friday and Saturday are by far the most action packed of the tournament as compelling matches are scheduled throughout the tennis center on these two days.

By the first Friday all the seeds with a first round bye will begin their scheduled matches as the round of 64 begins.  They split the draw in half so if Djokovic is the #1 Seed he will be in the top half of the draw.  And if Nadal is the #2 seed he will have the bottom half of the draw.  Federer is currently ranked #4 in the world so the Big 3 will avoid each other until the semi-finals.

For example: all the guys on the top half guys might play Friday and  bottom half  guys would then play Saturday.  It’s up to the tournament to make up the schedule.  It typically happens about 5pm the day before.  You can check out ATP World Tour,  WTA Tennis or better yet Miami Open’s website.. Look for the menu item for Draws/ Order of Play.


Big stars, especially ATP matches play mid afternoon or in the evening session.  Players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have pull with the tournament director  based on their starting time preference.  The new guy in charge of these decisions will be former ATP Star and current San Diego resident James Blake.



If you don’t want any fuss the best option is to simply buy the tickets over the Miami Open website administered by TicketMaster. Simply log onto your account and  use your mobile device to get you ticket scanned at the door.   You can use their app or have the ticket emailed to yourself.  You can even print it out if you want to bring along in your pocket or purse.

Miami Open Luxury Experiences

If you are looking to go all in at the Miami Open this year’s tournament won’t disappoint as they upgrades are plentiful to make your tournament experience great for you and your guest or clients.  Check out the Living Room Box Seats in the 72 Club.


I’m anticipating tickets are going to be harder to find this way in 2019 since many people will be curious to go to the new stadium.

Networking is the best way to get free tickets. Ask around with friends and co-workers and be ready to mobilize on short notice as fans who bought tickets tire quickly of the schlep and the traffic and want to unload them so they don’t go wasted.

During the 10 days of the main draw matches the Miami Open tickets are a local currency and are often passed around to clients, tennis instructors, sponsors and box seat holders who can’t go at the last minute.

One year I bought nose bleed tickets just to get on the grounds and ran into a friend  who was leaving early and had 2  extra court side seats he wasn’t using that he got from someone else for free.

Tennis Tours

Tennis Tours has been doing the ticket buying business since they were called “scalpers”.  Now every professional sports league on the planet seems to embrace the demand of the secondary ticket marketplace.  TennisTours can get you any seat you want for a price.  You can simply buy a ticket on their website or purchase a custom package with  your own real world tennis guide  typically includes hotel and a multiple tennis sessions. Steve Furgal International Tennis Tours also offers this service

Secondary Market

If you watch the secondary markets such as StubHubSeatGeekVividSeats, CheapTickets and TicketCity set up and account and  watch the demand as prices will increase or decrease as your session start time nears.  If you do your homework you can get a feel for how their systems work refreshing every few hours to watch the pricing.   I’ve even called and offered bids at the last minute over the phone. If you are savvy you can buy good seats for under face value.


News, Weather and Traffic

The power of the news.  Keep an eye on the tennis page of the Miami Herald and Tennis Channel for updates.  Exciting matches and story lines drive interest and elevate demand.  Cool interest increase inventory and lower prices.

The weather also has an influence on the pricing if it gets hot by the second week people who have already gone will forgo sitting in the hot sun all day.

Set up your Waze and Google Maps to check out the traffic pattern and unexpected delays. These conveniences have big influence on South Florida’s sports fan’s fickle behavior.

The Guy In the Parking Lot

When you park the car  you are going to run into that “guy in the parking lot” who has “got tickets” or “needs tickets”.  These guys only take cash and these tickets are not guaranteed and are illegal if purchased within a certain distance from the venue. That being said I know friends who get great deals that enjoy the thrill of low balling.  #CaveatEmptor

The 2019 Miami Open is going to be a memorable year to South Florida tennis fans.  When it comes to maximizing your experience use our tips to help you make buying decisions.

When it comes to buying tickets knowledge is king. The tennis ball is in your court.  Advantage you!

Brian Lutz

Backhand City

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