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Cost # of Sessions Current Students Max Student Surface Player Lavel
$135 4 45 48 Hard Court 4.0-6.0
Jul 27, Aug 3, 10, 17 (THU)
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LiveBall is one long point that never ends. It is intense, competitive and fun. Our LiveBall teaching pro's moniter each court as scorekeeper, umpire and ball feeder challenging yourself and your opponents to see who is King or Queen for the night. Doubles teams will compete against each other in games of King of the Court for continous play (water breaks included).

During play once a point ends the winning team is rewarded with a point and the pro immediately feeds the next ball in play to the challenge team to create non stop play. The challenge team's goal is to win 4 points before they lose 2. Once a winning team is established the game resets.  If challenge teams wins they have 5 seconds to scramble to the other side of the court setting up in one up one back position to begin their defense.

Qualified Players should be rated 4.0 and 4.5 rating.. Please email: if you don't know your player rating. You can show up yourself and be matched with a partner or bring your own. Your partner may be male, female with any of the minimal qualified ratings. You may play against all male teams, mixed teams or all female teams.  Plus you can switch partners at any time. 

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Don't Sweat Missed Classes: We offer a 1/2 hour of bonus time at the end of  each LiveBall session in the event you need a future make up or their is a rain out at some point during your 4 week schedule.  This way you don't have to worry about missed classes.  If it never rains or you don't need a make up the bonus time has no extra cost.

Roster reflects historical sign up not actual head count.





Instructor Brian Lutz + Details

I've been enthusiastically teaching tennis since 1986.  I remember vividly I used my first paycheck to buy a Sony CD player at the local mall.  I still have the player sitting in my entertainment center as it resides next to my more efficient and modern MP3 player. 

Today my inspirations blends tried and true fundamentals with new innovative breakthroughs not unlike the concepts that sit under my TV stand.  My methodology consists of bio-mechanical swing technique, situation drills with fun and engaging team building exercises.

You can keep up with my daily thoughts on these matters and more from running one's own tennis business on my blog here on Backhand City and on my Instagram page.

If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz


If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz

Location Kirk Munroe Tennis Center (Miami) + Details

3101 Florida Avenue
Coconut Grove FL , 33133

Directions: Tennis Courts are on Florida Avenue and Matilda Avenue just off of Grand Avenue in downtown Coconut Grove. Street parking is available at the courts with Muni-Meters. Locker rooms are available by the club house for changing.


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