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Cost # of Sessions Current Students Max Student Surface Player Lavel
$225 6 59 65 Hard Court 3.5-5.0
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7:30- 9:30 PM


LiveBall on Monday and Thursday Nights.  

SINGLE SESSIONS: If you want to sign up a la carte / single session please or do a "Try Out" session visit our Kourts app on iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play) devices to pay the $40 Single Session Fee.

Play with the Pro's! Get in 90-120 mintues intense tennis workout in our licensed "point play" class entitled LiveBall.

We recommend players bring a energy bar, banana and electrolite based sports drink or water to class along with a towel and perhaps an extra dry shirt to change into after class.  Class is opened to both Men and Women.

Hand of God: Brian Lutz

Please note: Liveball is an intense advanced player workout fo at least USTA 3.5 rated tennis players and above. To qualify for the class please email: if you are unsure of your playing level.

Please note: signup is historical number.

LiveBALL. It's the reason you started playing tennis in the first place.





Instructor Brian Lutz + Details


I've been enthusiastically teaching tennis since 1986.  I remember vividly I used my first paycheck to buy a Sony CD player at the local mall.  I still have the player sitting in my entertainment center as it resides next to my more efficient and modern MP3 player. 

Today my inspirations blends tried and true fundamentals with new innovative breakthroughs not unlike the products that sit under my TV stand.  My methodology consists of adapating a students natural bio-mechanics with modern swing technique. Once these fundamentals become more consistent we work into specific situation drills that come up the most during recreational play with fun and engaging team building exercises.

There will be times when the "wheels fall off" your tennis game.  My system allows the art of self discovery to be the core value of what we teach. This self awareness encourages students to have their own "aha moments" creating deeper understanding in themselves and their tennis game so when their game gets in a bad patch they have the resources within themselves to make modifications in the moment.


Feeling inspired?  Join me in class to self discover your tennis game. We have NOVICE, ADV BEG, INTERMEDIATE and ADV CLASSES to choose from based in Coconut Grove area of Miami, FL.

You can keep up with my daily thoughts on these matters and more from running one's own tennis business on my blog here on Backhand City and on my Instagram page.

If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz


If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz

Location Kirk Munroe Tennis Center (Miami) + Details

3101 Florida Avenue
Coconut Grove FL , 33133

Directions: Tennis Courts are on Florida Avenue and Matilda Avenue just off of Grand Avenue in downtown Coconut Grove. Street parking is available at the courts with Muni-Meters. Locker rooms are available by the club house for changing.


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