BackHand City Instructors

Priscilla is a former FIU Varsity Tennis Player and national ranked tennis player.  She has been working with our Intermediate and Advanced player adult program since 2012.  She runs our Boot Camp and LiveBall classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights in Brickell.  If you are ready for a fun workout and and want to learn how to hit play a wicked forehand and fierce backhand this is the way to go.

Matt is the sales contact for the fantasy camp. For questions you may reach him directly at: 513-218-3992. Your coach for his camp is none other than Jimmy Connors who has told camp organizers: "I will be the first one on the court and the last one to leave". Are you ready to join him?

I've been enthusiastically teaching tennis since 1986.  I remember vividly I used my first paycheck to buy a Sony CD player at the local mall.  I still have the player sitting in my entertainment center as it resides next to my more efficient and modern MP3 player. 

Today my inspirations blends tried and true fundamentals with new innovative breakthroughs not unlike the concepts that sit under my TV stand.  My methodology consists of bio-mechanical swing technique, situation drills with fun and engaging team building exercises.

You can keep up with my daily thoughts on these matters and more from running one's own tennis business on my blog here on Backhand City and on my Instagram page.

If you have any questions about our tennis lesson services contact me directly via email: Brian Lutz


(MIAMI) Oscar is the Director of Tennis for TennisTIP Miami.  He is trained as High Performance Tennis Coach for USA Tennis (USTA).  He is a native of Cuba and has worked with ATP touring professionals such as Fernando Gonzales as well and many junior tennis players from Novice, Intermediate and High Performance.  He is a patient teacher with a firm yet friendly personality to push students to maximize their potential.  Oscar is also and excellent tennis player as you will find out when you join the class and play points and games with him.  He is also competitive!  So you will savor victories over him on the rare times it happens.  : )

Jason has been teaching tennis in Miami for over 15 years and runs our Backhand City adult tennis programs in Miami for the last 3 years under the direction of the Founder of Backhand City, Brian Lutz.  

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