Brian Lutz / January 13, 2020

What’s next?

The dopamine rush was real.  You were super pumped to hit a New Year’s goal but then alas life got in the way.  So what is next?

5 Steps To Find a Resolution That is Right for You

Step 1

Forgive yourself.  It’s normal to fall off the wagon when you have your sights set on a new and improved you.  The key is to start where you are and simply reboot.  Nobody’s perfect including you.

Step 2

Still not feeling it?  Maybe you picked the wrong hobby or endeavor. Are you sure you want to do this? Are you passionate about what you are doing? Or are you doing something just because you need to lose weight.  Or maybe you are doing something because it’s trending?

One thing we know about modern day social media is that all of this online scrolling can rob the viewer of the joy in life. Maybe finding something that you are passionate about it might be a good way to recalibrate your resolution?

For example, when I was young I wanted to learn to play guitar because if felt cool and I could meet a lot of girls.  But when I sat down to practice I wouldn’t last that long in front of the strings.  The task of playing guitar was not that enjoyable to me plus no girls were watching.  : )

Step 3

The difference between joy and discipline is key.  If you aren’t having any fun you won’t continue with your new hobby.  Understand that learning something new won’t always be easy effortless and pain free.  But if more than 20 percent of the effort is painful it will be hard for you to continue in that hobby.

Step 4

If you are like most people and you are trying to get in shape. Find an activity that suits your personality.  If you are social find a sport like tennis or volleyball where the social element is built into the sport.  If you are a solo learner then you can buy a tracker watch to monitor you goals and activity.  Knowing your personality type is very important when choosing a resolution.  It’s important to grow but only for things that fit your personality type.

Step 5

Whatever you choose amplify the effort with passion as your fuel.  This will cause you to immerse into the activity with vigor and drive your results.

In this podcast episode I go through a step by step guide of how to conquer any New Year’s resolutions that became stalled using tennis as an example.

What Do You Do When Your New Year’s Resolution Fails?

Brian Lutz

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