3 gears for tennis players
Brian Lutz / February 1, 2020

Defense wins championships except in tennis.

In most sports stopping the other team in crunch time is the recipe for success. But in tennis developing a consistency with neutral balls and finding ways to extend points with defensive shots is the key to success in recreational tennis.

Look at any stat sheet and you will see more unforced errors than winners.  For recreational tennis players having a consistent and stable tennis game is priority one when it come to a winning attitude.  And the best way to do this is by mastering the art of playing neutral ball rallies.

Hard court tennis typically allows players to be aggressive. But is it in your best interest to have an aggressive mind set at a recreational level? The most common ball you see is neutral. So why not master the art of adapting to the nuance of bounce, spin, trajectory and speed?  If you can develop discipline and consistency wouldn’t this only help you offensive game when the appropriate time reveals itself  to ramp up your game?

YouTube Tennis Phenomenon

With the rise of online tennis instruction also has risen the expectation of the consumer who has a real world fantasy about hitting world class ground strokes and serves like their ATP heroes.  But is this really a productive use of your time if winning matches is really your number one priority?

There is nothing wrong with trying to emulate Jack Sock’s forehand.  But I bet you can’t do it as a consistent weapon in match situations with the extreme technique and training the professionals are utilizing.  It takes an immense amount of training to “hit like the pro’s”.

3 Gears for Tennis Players

In this podcast episode we outline attainable practice habits to help you grow your game and be able to “shift gears” during your tennis matches.

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Brian Lutz

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