Thoughtful, Purposeful, Fun & Not Too Serious Tennis Classes For Adults in Miami.




Brian Lutz / April 20, 2017

Miami, FL- As the only pathway for recreational tennis players in the county to improve your tennis game, it got me thinking one night as the sweat dripped off my brow under a waning moonlight night. When are you going to sign up for my class?

We offer adult recreational tennis players a trifecta of benefits including: Social Team Building Exercises, challenging and progressive coaching and superb workout (see referenced sweat above).

If you haven’t already I recommend following along on our Instagram Page to get a feel for our class culture and the fun we have. Or simply, be bold and throw caution to the wind and sign up for one of our playing levels below that suit your skills. Each class series including a night at the local watering hole with our group of fun loving players after class.

In the meantime, I’ll be here contemplating patiently your arrival to class.





Brian Lutz