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Brian Lutz / January 24, 2020

Find Your Aha Moment every morning 7 days a week.

A lot of people ask me: “How do you find so much material to write about each day?”

For me I don’t have writers block when it comes to my passions it’s about narrowing the focus and giving the listener insight into a way of thinking they might not have considered before.  I typically write in batches,  I take notes if I’m inspired but most of my writing happens in a 4 hour period where I’ll come up with about 2 weeks of material.

From here I will modify a few concepts.  I rarely throw anything out.  I try to pull something interesting out of every idea.

When I’m ready to record I jot down some bullet points and then press record.  I don’t like editing. So much like a tennis match play is continuous on this podcast.

Where do I get my material for the podcast?

I’ve done a lot of formalized thinking over the last several years in particular and I’m surprised how much is inside of me.  I do a lot of reading and admiring other creative people and intellectuals and dumb people too. All of these influences are inside each episode. I’m even surprised how much information I have inside of me.  I’m grateful it comes to me so effortlessly.

My enthusiasm is high for the sport of tennis and self development. Surely this is cathartic. I do notice I spend a lot of less time pontificating to others about sports in particular from this experience.

Original Content

Is there such a think as original content?  Or are we simply stealing each other ideas and packaging it into a format that solves a problem in the marketplace?  As an independent content creator, tennis professional and marketer I consider my work to be original in its detail.  Anything else would be a stretch. The Bible is original. The Constitution is original.  Find Your Aha Moment is a rip off from the values of both of those documents.

I’m not apologizing for it.  I just wondering how original I am out loud I guess. I simply use the medium to express some ideas that have come together over the years and find it rewarding to document them in audio files

Overall, I’m driven by discipline and creativity and some form of excellence.  I’m just happy people are downloading each episode and finding some insightfulness, inspiration and entertainment bundled into a ten minute package.

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Brian Lutz