Tennis Twins Launch Fitness Workout for Novice Tennis Players in Coconut Grove




Djina Tchakarova / September 5, 2018

Miami, Florida

gENNISis Workouts for Tennis Players in Coconut Grove.

Hello tennis enthusiasts, Twins of Miami here.

You probably have seen us around Instagram bragging about our twin powers and giving different tips that can enhance your tennis performance mostly evolving around our own product – the gENNISis workout (gym+tennis for those of you who are wondering what this means). And if you have not, you better hit that follow button @twinsofmiami on both Facebook and Instagram. As a start, we want to give you a little bit of a background about who we are.

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Baby Twins and Racquets

To be honest, we really have been playing tennis our whole lives. We started when we were 4 years old. At the beginning, we started playing with our parents. They were the main contributors to us getting involved with tennis in the first place. We come from a very athletic family. Our grandmother is the first Bulgarian to get a medal from the Olympic games, so right of the bet, you already know that the standards were set pretty high. Our grandfather was a coach of the national cycling team of France, and then proceeded to be our grandmother’s coach. Our mother is a national and European champion in swimming and our dad used to be a professional soccer player. When we were literally babies, 4 years old, our dad used to feed us balls in the middle of our living room and we used to hit them everywhere (yes breaking several things haha). We have a video somewhere but it’s on an old video tape (we’ll try to find it and upload it on our Instagram & Youtube at some point). So on that video, you can see us hitting tennis balls, hitting each other, hitting the walls and all the other types of shenanigans that two baby twins are capable of.

Twins grown up

So after we grew up a little bit, our parents started taking us to the courts. They were basically our first coaches and they really stayed consistent with us throughout our whole puberty period (it was rough times let me tell you that much). During that time, we were competing professionally in juniors both nationally and internationally. Won some big tournaments, got in the WTA ranking and all of a sudden it was time for college.

Our college carrier started in a really small town, Murray, KY.¬† The staff there was very professional and we all worked as one unit including tennis coaches, strength coaches, physical therapists, nutritionists, etc, which were the main contributors behind our 2 conference championship titles. Playing collegiate tennis is no different than being a professional tennis player, in terms of preparation and sacrifices. However, besides the physical exhaustion you get from practicing 3-4 hours a day, you should also factor in the mental one, resulting from studying and travelling all the time and it’s a whole party!!

After we won conference twice, we felt like we want to achieve more and transferred to a bigger school in a bigger city, with a higher tennis level – Saint Louis University. There, we really found a family in the face of the whole athletic department and in our teammates. The virtue the billikens go by is “higher purpose, greater good”, so they instill that family oriented mentality into everyone, and you really feel like you are home. In our last two years of college, we really got into fitness and healthy eating because we wanted to get better in tennis and that was the natural way to go. We started reading a lot, talking to different coaches and understanding more about what our bodies need and what they are capable of.

After, graduating from SLU with a 3.9GPA, we found jobs in one of the biggest international  banks in America- Citi bank. As you know the bank life is a regular 9-6pm job which really does not leave room for a lot of physical activity. Naturally, tennis slowed down and we were able to hit around 3-4 times a week, instead of every day as before. And this is really where our fitness journey took off. The difference between a gym workout and a tennis workout is that the gym can be done in a way shorter time than tennis, while keeping the same efficiency levels.  Of course being us, and never being okay with mediocre results, we really wanted to find a way to keep our tennis abilities up while also building muscle and fitting all that in a short period of time. And this is how, just like that the gENNISis workouts were born.

What is a gENNISis workout?

With gENNISis (Gym+tennis+sisters) the main focus is to perform strength exercises that directly relate to enhancing tennis performance. We want people to see changes in their tennis pgamep-o, as well as feel good when they see themselves in the mirror. This is why gENNISis involves a lot of well-known, traditional gym exercises, adapted to the context of a tennis workout. Look at the teaser above to have a visual of what exactly we are talking about.

As you see, gENNISis involves around running drills, strength exercises and way more. If you want to improve your tennis game and practice like the big tennis players, while at the same time change your physical appearance you can sign up here

Nona & Djina

Twins of Miami

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