TENNIS TRIVIA 3: Learn How To Play Tennis and Meet New Friends




Brian Lutz / October 8, 2020

Written and hosted by Brian Lutz

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This Week’s Topics: Roland Garros, Rules of the Game and a Tribute to Rock Legend Eddie Van Halen.

This weeks Trivia contest touches on the sad death of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen.

Sadly, two of the three people posted in the cover shot are now deceased with John McEnroe being the only living person.

All three star placed there stamp on their professionals with Gerulaitis and Van Halen sharing their hard driving party hard life style combined with incredible work ethic and passion for their craft.

McEnroe shared Van Halen’s creative genius and experimentation with pushing the envelope on performance as well as bending the rules of greatness.

In this trivia night we have a focus on the French Open, rules of the game, some irreverent facts as well as a few Van Halen questions to spruce up the questions.

Tonights trivia contest has an emphasis on the history in both guitar playing and how to play tennis.

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