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A lot of you enjoyed the Turkey Playing Tennis…

But there is one problem.  His technique is flawed on this forehand volley. Specifically there are two technical things that need to be corrected.  Be the 12th correct email respondent to choose the correct technique below to win a free group tennis lesson.

a.  Feathers cause imbalance on windy days
b.  Not proper footwear
c.  Racquet face needs to be tilted at 45 degree angle and beveled open
d.  Strings are too wide ball would go through racket.
e.  All of the Above

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian Lutz
Backhand City
Find Your Aha Moment 

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Miami Shores, FL

Here is the match schedule of play for the BEST of 305 TENNIS TOURNAMENT for Saturday, Nov 18th starting at 4pm at Miami Shores CC Tennis Courts (see directions below).

Each player or team please bring a can of tennis balls for clay courts.

SCHEDULE OF PLAY:  (Format: 8-Game Pro Set)  Tiebreaker at 8-all.


Jeff F. vs Rodrigo (Banyan Singles QF)

Carlos vs Aleco (Banyan SF)

Dean vs Jeff C. (Palmetto Singles QF)

Sergio vs Schubert (Palmetto Singles SF)


Yulia vs Dean-Jeff Winner (Palmetto Singles SF)

Gabriel/Alex vs Will/ Jeff F (Banyan Men’s Doubles)

Samantha/Schubert vs Isabel/ Juan (Palmetto Doubles)

DIRECTIONS: Type  into Google Maps: NE 100th Street and Club Drive in Miami Shores to find the tennis courts located next to the railroad tracks. Please note: The Main Club House on Biscayne is NOT the right location.



Miami, FL

If you are new to tennis or a lapsed player looking to get back in to the game let’s start with a free assessment of your game. Fill out the Quiz below to start the process and we will email your tennis rating to you.


After that we can help you find a class to play in that suits your needs.

Brian Lutz
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After Work Tennis Class for 20s and 30s Somethings

Miami-FL Is it just me or is it hard to find people your own age and skill set to play tennis with in Miami? It’s not the easiest city in the world to connect with people or find reliable service providers.

If you have ever wanted to “really” learn to play tennis and have a firm understanding on how to control your shots, connect with new friends and get a great workout at the same time you have landed at the right place.


We offer after work tennis classes for three levels of players: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We are the only tennis program in Miami geared for young adults with a pathway of tennis programs that includes a 100 day online practice program in between your weekly group tennis lessons.

It’s time to choose the right level for you.

We offer 3 after work programs to get you started.




For those who really want to accelerate your learning and seek total immersion we recommend our 100 days online course you can use as a practice plan to work on your game outside of class called Red Ball Tennis Lessons for an additional $7/ month.


Can you feel our enthusiasm for our craft? We are totally committed to your tennis experience and your improvement.

When you are ready simply reserve your spot in class in one of the classes above and then take it up a notch with Red Ball Tennis Lessons. practice plan.

Let the fun begin!

Brian Lutz and Katya Yegoreychenko

Backhand City
Find Your A-ha Moment

Hint! Need a tennis racket or have questions about the right level for you? Email us:

Release or Rotate Which Backhand Technique Is Right for You?

Miami, FL-

When learning the backhand tennis students are left to decide if they want a one-handed or two-handed backhand. One is easier to learn for some than others. It depends on a lot on a few factors including: your physique, non dominant hand skills and some personality traits.

Want to learn more about this process and decision?

If you live in Miami sign up for one of our tennis clinics in Coconut Grove.



If you don’t live here don’t fret. You can take my Red Ball Tennis Lesson course online.

Red Ball Tennis Lessons

In the meantime, check out my one-handed backhand we shot the other day. I think I need to work on my spacing and contact point. : ) #Practice #NeverEnds

Brian Lutz

The Genesis of TennisTIP and My NYC Experience.

This is an excerpt from the Introduction to Chapter 3 in Red Ball Tennis Lessons. Online Tennis Lesson for $7 a month

NYC- In the Big Apple the song rings true. “if you can make it there you can make it anywhere”.

I’ve taught lessons in Manhattan where you bring your own net. You heard me right. The net kept getting stolen at a small park right on East 93rd Street and 3rd avenue. It was a cute park with basketball courts and a great wall to warm up on. It was right behind a bakery so you could smell the fresh baked goods and coffee amongst the omni present sirens and gas fumes. If you had a vision like I did it was an tennis oasis in the urban jungle, sort of.

I used to haul my net and basket of balls to the unfinished asphalt tennis court where locals used the court with two silver rusting net posts to run their dogs. Inevitably, on hot days the place smelled like urine and negligent dog owners didn’t clean up after their dogs. There is nothing worse than dog crap. I’m from PA so I guess you can say I know my shit. Horse shit, cow shit all used in the fields of Lancaster County, PA for fertilizer. But dog fecal matter. You know the smell there is nothing worse.

Well the good news the court was free but every time I played there I felt like a paid the price in so many ways. It’s no longer a park as a condo is now in it’s place but this pain hatched the idea that I didn’t need a tennis court to give novice and recreational tennis players tennis lessons all I need was clean space and a roof with NO DOGS. They were everywhere I started renting out school gymnasiums.

It’s here I really fine tuned my craft of teaching adults how to play this great sport of tennis. Chapter 3 is kind of a tribute to my NYC experience with some Miami clips thrown in as well from my early years here in the previous decade.

It’s all nostalgia but fun to look back at the genesis of TennisTIP and how I really learned to play tennis through the eyes of my students.

The best ideas come from nothing or at least dog shit.

Brian “Big Apple” Lutz