Flushing Meadows, NY- Is this John McEnroe’s worst nightmare?

To simplify and make the sport more attractive to millennials who seek activities without boundaries and limitations the USTA has unveiled its cutting edge “line less” and “net free” tennis court.

“In order to evolve and compete in the marketplace for the highly sought after and influential millennial generation the USTA is leading the American sports landscape with what we are calling boundary free and obstruction free tennis courts” announced USTA President Katrina Adams.

A branded blue shadow of the old boundaries will still remain on the court as a tribute to our past but it will be for aesthetic only.

Starting this year, players will not have the burden of playing their shots within the rectangular boundaries that used to measure 36 feet wide by 78 feet long.  Local legend, John McEnroe was looking on in bemusement as he wandered in from a pre-tournament practice session from an outside court.  Shortly thereafter he was seeking clarification on the new rule changes and immediately started practicing his serve into the first rows of the new Grand Stand Court. Passerby’s were alarmed to hear the fiberglass seats echoing around the new structure as McEnroe plastered the new seats with his famous wind up service motion.


“Our market research shows that this underserved audience demanded changes that appealed to their core values” added Adams in the last year of her tenure as President.

With no further details on how the rules or point flow there is speculation that players will be able to use their mobile devices as part of their shot selection as well and activity monitors installed in each racquet.

Adult Tennis Managing Director Jeff Waters announced that the new courts and rules with a working title called: “Gray Area” will be revealed on the eve of the US Open starting Aug 28th.  The press conference will be via Reddit app with coupons with new US Open craft beer sponsor Monkey in a Trunk will be available to all that attend.

It’s not known what will happen to the lines persons and how matches will be officiated and if hawkeye technology will become obsolete.

The US Open draws will still be 128 for Men’s and Women’s singles but a new change will allow trophies for all participants.

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