Geneva-In an unusual proclamation long time Spanish tour veteran David Ferrer has declared a boycott on his most successful point pattern: cross court.  “I’ve really grown tired of this high percentage play.  It’s given me a lot of success over the years and I know this may be a shocker to a lot of people but I really think it’s time to move on.”

Ferrer, the 34 year old tennis stalwart, residing in the top ten for a decade hits 100% of his shots cross court according to MIT Sloan Analytics Intistitute.  “I even hit my inside out forehand cross court.  It’s just too much.  There is all of this other space on the court I’m not exploring that I want to visit before me career is over”.

When pointed out by an area reporter that his “inside in forehand technique” is a nifty weapon that has served him well Ferrer quipped: “It’s across my body so it still feels cross court to me”.  “It’s like winning chess matches with only utilizing your Bishop. All I do is go cross court all day long.  Do you know how mind numbing that can be after so many years on tour?”

The Valencia, Spain native has earned over $28 Million US dollars  in prize money and is currently ranked #12 on the ATP World Tour.  Currently there is no Guiness Book of World Records for hitting cross court but such mundane achievement naturally is not on the radar of the long time Spanish #2.

“I want to get away from hitting cross court.  I don’t want it to define me”.

Ferrer abruptly left the rectangular shaped press conference and headed to the door at a 45 degree angle and disappeared into a circular lobby.

Brian Lutz / Group Tennis Lessons