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Brian Lutz / October 1, 2018

Miami Beach, FL

Terminator Tennis.  $300/ month every Mon and Wed morning at 7am.


Once you order is complete we will text you directions to the first class.

Questions: 917-312-9454

Maybe you are asking what is this?  This seems to have amazing value. What’s the catch? Who are these girls? What do I actually get for my tennis game?

All very legitimate points.  Let’s break it down piece by piece. There is no better place to start from than the beginning.

I’m friends with current world #5 Kevin Anderson.  We talk a lot about what it takes to reach you full potential not only as a tennis player but in means of your mind, body, nutrition, recovery and psychological state as well.  Naturally, a top 10 ATP player who made this year’s Wimbledon Final has a team of advisers to help him maximize his potential with millions of dollars in prize money on the line.

The question that struck me was how could we take the spirit of Kevin’s journey and love of tennis and self improvement and apply them to that of a regular tennis player who is tired of losing matches to “pushers”, losing matches because of  decision making, losing matches because of injury or lack of fitness or losing matches because of internal debates within oneself during stressful tournament play.

Simply, how could we help recreational players put it all together? Would this take an army of coaches, trainers, nutritionist, therapist and psychological guru’s?  And how much would this cost? After all, the local tennis player doesn’t have the time or resources to have Kevin’s full time professional staff and schedule.

So how do we solve this?  Where can a local Miami tennis player find a full time team that will dive head first into an immersion program to help someone become better in tennis?  Lose weight?  Become fitter?  Be calm in stressful  tournament conditions?  How do you teach this? Who can provide this?  How do we fit it into the schedule of the player who wants all of this?  Also, there is one big question left:


According to our internal survey of tennis coaches of 53 tennis tennis pros in Miami Dade County,  the average cost of a one hour lessons is $62.  This included private coaches, public facilities and private tennis clubs.  If you trained only 4-6 hours per week your tennis bill would quickly sky rocket to over $248 per week.  There is a small niche audience of people that can afford that kind of service.  We decided to come up with a number that would sting enough to get your attention (commitment) but low enough that you can feel the value.

The main value of our price point is motivation.  Your commitment is psychological.  The value is all the hours you are getting of quality tennis training.  Not just a training, but a system, so when the “wheels fall off”, you have the internal fortitude to figure out how to get back on track.

The problem with most institutionalized ball hopper fed tennis instruction is that it makes you co dependent.  The ball hopper is a set of crutches. And if you want to run like a gazelle, you can’t do it with crutches.  You need a system with a proven track record. You need an outside the box thinking and you need your own internal commitment.

So what is Under Ground Tennis Movement?

With court time being at a premium in Miami, we don’t disclose the location of our practice sessions.  This isn’t the FBI, but since we advertise more than any other tennis lesson service company around, why should we give these facilities free advertising?  So from now on, when you see the letters UNDR GRND TNNS MVMT,  you know this is a bull shit free zone of tennis players who are serious about getting better.

Who Are the Twins of Miami?

They are Div 1 Tennis Players who graduated with 2 Conference Championship rings under the belt and a 3.95 GPA’s from St Louis University. They are serious about their game, training regiment and the analysis of your tennis game.  The best part of their value is there is TWO of them!  So you get two coaches for the price of one.  Another great differentiator when comparing apples to apples in your tennis service choices in the marketplace.


Why 7am workouts?

Why not 7pm in the evening?  Firstly, if you want any change in your life,  Significant change, you are going to have to make yourself uncomfortable, otherwise you will revert back to your old habits.  Building a tennis game is about building discipline.  Scientific neuropathy has proven to embark on real change the mind and body need transformational experiences. With this transformation, it starts with you and your alarm clock.

You will be tired. The first few weeks of waking up at that hour may feel like pure unnecessary torture.  You know who agrees with you?  Me and the other 99 percent of the people who play average tennis.  Guess what time they play?  9am, 10am and 7pm. This is the common existing state. There is nothing wrong with that, but playing at that hour with no system, no training regiment, no lesson plan leads to status quo.  It leads to being average. This is one reason you hear so much self directed negativity walking behind the baselines of tennis courts.  Players are frustrated with “staying the same”.

Listen, someone has to be average we can’t all be great. The questions becomes: Is average settling for you?

The other reason we play at 7am is: the courts are empty and the air is coolest.  Miami’s tropical weather patterns have the coolest temps recorded every morning between 5am and 7am.  By the time is gets to 9am when we finish, the climate is beginning to boil.

The Feel Good Moment

One of the best experiences is the feeling you have when you have this 90-120 minute workout under your belt before you start your work day.  You will feel like Superman after a shower when you embark on your day. The meals you eat will digest more efficiently as your body processes the nutrients more effectively.

Scientific studies have shown tennis players live longer than any other recreational athlete.   Your decision making improves, your reaction time, endurance and emotional coping skills make tennis players more resilient and interdependent to operate in a world full of stress and cynicism.

What is Progression based training?

If you have ever read Steven Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he solves the “true north” principals based on character ethic. Our Terminator and Accelerator tennis programs follow these universal and timeless ethics that are effective in helping people reach their goals.

Progression based philosophy is the fundamental principal of improving your tennis game.  Its truth is that you can’t skip stages of your development.  It reveals the fundamental lie or flaw in “playing up” to improve your game.  In math terms it would be the equivalent of  only doing addition and subtraction and bypassing multiplication and division and wondering why you can’t do algebra.

The Mantra

“You are what you are”, Bill Parcels (Hall of Fame Football Coach).

The numbers don’t lie.  Bill Parcels would often hear 6 Win and 10 Loss football teams say ‘with just a few plays here and there we could have been 10 Wins and 6 Loss playoff team’.  You know who buys that philosophy?  6-10 teams. Tennis players do the same thing.  They talk about how many games went to deuce in their 2-6, 1-6 loss.

Mental Gymnastics

One of my favorite parts of our program is helping players through what I call “mental gymnastics”.  The 99 percentile believe “playing up” is the only way to get better. The rationalization are the lies we tell our self as part of a self soothing mechanism. We all do it.  How to stop it?  The first step is starting to recognize it in yourself is a great first step.

The most common culprit to this rationalization is the perceived “pusher” in tennis.  The guy that can’t hit hard but get’s everything back.  It’s no fun playing this person so I’m skipping  this part of the math class.  I enjoy doing addition and subtraction but division is no fun.  I don’t enjoy dividing. After all, if I wanna get better I can only do that in algebra class with better students.

The problem with playing up is you don’t amplify or recognize your mistakes.  You gloss over the arithmetic and simply feel better working with the algebra students.  But when you run the data it shows the same holes in your game. If you can’t divide you can’t do algebra.  You just feel better about yourself because of the context you advanced yourself into and throw a mask over the problem that won’t seem to go away. Because inevitably  “steady Eddy” pops up across the court from you and you muttering some irrational internal dialogue behind the baseline.

We not only will teach you how to navigate this mental gymnastic but we will also supply the data to help guide you through it.


Practice and match analytics are a great way to live in the world of the “actual” and stay away from the “perception” trap.  If after your warm up your heart rate is steady in a ground stroke drills at 101 beats per minute and you can rally 6 balls in a row on average without missing you have a bench mark.

If one month later you have goal of hitting 10 balls in a row without missing with a heart rate of 92 beats per minute how do you think that will translate playing an opponent who is a “pusher” you lost to 2-6, 1-6? The math tells us your chances for efficient success just became greater.

So not only do we track your practice habits we also track you match habits.  If you have seen us with lap tops at local tournaments now you know what we are doing. Quantifying your tennis game means your chances of improvement just got real.

Tennis Analytics for Backhand City Tennis Players from tournament matches.

You Commit To Us. We Commit To You.

It’s go time!  Your improvement starts with you. As you are surely aware by now no one is offering the level of commitment and pure immersion into the avid adult tennis player like we do anywhere in Miami.  We will provide you the system, training regiment, lesson plan, data, and brain game to take your game to the next level.  If you plan, practice and execute our system it’s impossible not to succeed.  The most important benefit is you won’t be comparing yourself to your peers any more.  You will be comparing yourself to the player you used to be.

It all starts when you make your Registration Payment Here.

Brian Lutz

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Brian Lutz, Founder of Backhand City is Miami Tennis Lesson source for private and group tennis lessons.

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“Brian’s teaching philosophy is spot on.”  Jeff

“Traditional tennis instruction is too institutionalized.  The Backhand City tennis program utilizes advanced training methods used by the touring professionals.”  Juan D.

“I love this! You have me all fired up and inspired. Most tennis instructors are unorganized but this is perfect.”  Lynde G.

“Brian and the team go the extra mile to help you overcome your personal obstacles and finally improve. This team-oriented approach allows you to both establish a strong whole rounded game and also a strong sense of cooperation. A very fun and exciting work out!!”  Ted G.

“No matter where you are on your tennis journey, I’d recommend giving Backhand City a try if you’re looking to fine tune your skills!” Cassie P.

“Having played my entire life, I was looking for a program that was flexible with my work schedule and would get me back into the swing of things quickly. I came across Backhand City and I’m so impressed with how quickly I’ve been able to progress in just a couple of weeks. Brian’s focus on technique has not only helped me get “back up to speed” quicker than I imagined. The classes are fun, get to meet great people and it’s the best workout of my week. I look forward to continuing to take lessons with Brian and improving my game!” Andrea N.

“With each class, I bring something back to my game.  Even my fellow tennis players have complemented me on my new skills. In addition, I have expanded my tennis social circle and play with other students through out the week.  Thank you Backhand City.” Aimee P.

“This is a really fun class, with excellent pros and a laid-back atmosphere – I recently moved out of state and miss it very much!  Miami people should take advantage… I appreciated the chance to hit with terrific pros who often rotate into the points — which raises the level considerably while keeping it fun — as well as drill-work.  Also, a great way to meet other people to hit with outside of class.” Brian K.

“I signed up which was incredibly easy through the website and I showed up to my first class”. Catherine H.

“Brian has a lot of good insight and does a great job communicating the tools you need to become a good tennis player.” Julius R.

“It turned out to be a fun class and Brian is full of energy teaching a good balance between technique and have the group actually playing. Some fun games contribute to improve the skill set every class while challenging each student.” Andrea B

“I’ve been doing group lessons with Backhand City for about a year now. Brian has definitely helped me improve my game relatively quickly. You get technique but it’s also a light atmosphere where you can have a good time and meet people. Definitely recommend.” Salvador L.

“To any advanced players, I would recommend the fun and great work out “Live Ball” Thursdays. It will be almost two years going to Live Ball and i have also met so many new people, and helped me out with registering to other tournaments. Very recommended!!” David F

“Great tennis lessons in a fun and relaxing environment. Brian is providing personalized feedback and coaching while keeping the pace of the group and making the classes a fun workout. I highly recommend!” Okan B.

“Great experience with Backhand City. Classes for all levels,tons of fun. You get to meet new people thay share similar interests and the social events are also excellent. Highly recommended.” Eurys G.

“Great curriculum for a tennis workout , fun and engaging!”  Maria C.

Twins of Miami take on the Bryan Brothers in a friendly doubles match.  Who will be the defective Twin?