2019 Miami Open Players Party




Brian Lutz / February 20, 2019

Miami , FL

Miami Open Players Party

Start learning tennis today and start partying with the players of the Miami Open on Tuesday Night March 19th.

VIP Backhand City tennis players get to join us for Match Point Passion aka the Miami Open Players Party.  Sign up for a 6-week group tennis lessons series by Sunday Night Mar 17th, 2019 at 11pm to get on the VIP List for the party on Tuesday Night March 19th from 6-9pm.

The Miami Open Players Party includes: Open Bar,  Step and Repeat Line to get Selfies and autographed tennis balls from the players as well as live entertainment with your emcee and Backhand City Founder, Brian Lutz.

Sign Up Below on our website to Reserve Your Spot in Class & Get Your VIP Invitation. Start playing today and start partying on Tuesday night March 19th.

Adult Tennis Programs for BEGINNER, ADV BEG, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED tennis players.

SIGN UP HERE IN ONE OF OUR CLASSES to reserve your spot at the Miami Open Players Party.

Questions: Ask@Backhand-City.com

Deadline:  Sunday Night, Mar 17th at 11pm