Places to Play Tennis in Miami: University of Miami




side line view of varsity tennis court at university of Miami, FL
Brian Lutz / February 23, 2018

How do you define affiliation?

That’s what you need to play here at the

University of Miami tennis courts.

The photo above is of the Varsity Tennis Courts but just adjacent to these courts next to the parking lot are 6 recreational hard courts. They play medium fast pace have pretty good lights that are available for students, faculty, alumni or affiliated persons. You can also join the Wellness Center to have access to this facility. The Varsity courts are off limits and only for team matches and practice.


This place opens up around 8ish each morning and there is no attendant. They have a lock and chain at the front gate that gets opened in the morning and locked at night. That’s the entire Operations Procedure. So it’s pretty much first come first serve play as you decide your own liberal definition of affiliation.

For example, I have a friend who is an Adjunct Professor there and another that went to undergrad on an international exchange program. None of this really works without proper ID but it’s a nice mental gymnastics exercise for your own rationalization.

Seriously, not any of it is legit or really matters as the gatekeepers are not around to monitor the courts so practically speaking they have become free community tennis courts. One time in 10 years I did run into an ambitious undergrad who was checking for ID. That lasted one day and then it went back to it’s normal operating procedure.

These courts fill up quickly in the early evening on weeknights and weekend mornings.

Brian Lutz

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Google Maps to Neil Schiff Tennis Center at U of M