New York, NY- Activists are drawing attention to the misuse and lack of respect for store window mannequins with the social media craze know as The Mannequin Challenge.

“Many of these mannequins are treated quite differently than humans and our quest is to make sure their dignity is preserved,” proclaimed spokesperson Molly Sitter. Drawing comparisons to Chinese sweat shops activists are citing long hours standing without a proper break. Not surprisingly, many of these mannequins do not have union representation nor a trade association.

This unregulated industry has also raised the eyebrow of the Department of Labor as they are unsure how to classify these ubiquitous and essential retail assets that help clothing stores present their products. How does one pay for overtime over a 24 hour 7 days a week shift?

Representatives from the Banana of Republic claim their mannequins are not subject to US labor laws. “Consumers need to understand when we turn out the lights at our store our mannequins are getting ample rest and do not need the recuperating time that a live model would need to get proper nutrition and rest,” explained Chief Operating Officer Fred Still.


Tennis has also been thrown into the mix with Tommy Hilfiger’s new Flex Micro fabric embraced by company ambassador Rafael Nadal. “Having a shirtless tennis star represent a clothing company is a slap in the face of the Midnight to Midnight hard working mannequins everywhere,” according to the Mannequin Lives Matter Facebook page. The famously obsessive compulsive tennis star known for tugging his shorts tirelessly is quite the contrast to the stone faced and frozen posed store window mannequin.

“These mannequins are exploited in so many ways and tear at our social fabric as store designers prick and prod them to get the perfect fit.” Many times their torso’s are stored separately from their arms and legs in different boxes and customized as the retailer sees fit. Apparently, there is no discrimination in their treatment as uptown, downtown and midtown manhattan mannequins are all treated with the same ruthless manipulation.

“These mannequins wear wool overcoats under the hot bright white incandescent bulbs used in many windows in the Winter and gawked at during the Summer months in their micro fiber bikinis and shorts,” noticed Julia Hush who walks past Madison Avenue stores every day on her walk home to the Upper East Side.

Nadal’s tour brethren also got in the act as well with this 55 second promotional video as a tribute to Mannequins everywhere. Apparently, not all see it as harmless fun. “Mannequin lives matter” proclaimed a local passerby outfitted in a classic double breasted suit coat and pants with Oxford shoes. “I don’t like to try on clothing. Without these mannequins I’d probably be wearing only foldable attire”.

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The Lemon: Imagination Six. Tolerance Love.


Miami, FL- We have a lot of fun in our Backhand City tennis classes but its much more than simply recreation to me.


My mission is simple. I want to transfer my joy, knowledge and experiences to my students to help them improve and grow as people and tennis players.  I want players to learn to trust themselves while enjoying the process of developing mastery.

Tennis is a game of technique and timing that has essential principals that are rewarding and transferable to other aspects of your life.  My teaching raises awareness of physical, mental and emotional health while accepting that you only control your side of the court and the rest of the uncertainty is what makes it fun.

My wish is that players sign up for my class to connect with like minded and diverse individuals in our great city. Players are encouraged to bring a spirit that is open minded and ready to be taught the game in way you might not have ever experienced before.

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Find Your A-Ha Moment


Miami, FL- Welcome to the human race.  We all get anxious and we all crave control.  Just try driving in Miami on US 1 during rush hour and you will understand my point.  Our quest for efficiency seems to be insatiable in our culture. Perhaps we are victims of our over achieving national pride or our own insatiable quest for perfection.  Maybe you are a philosophical type who enjoy the journey? Can there be a nice balance?  Can I be Zen while carrying and edge?  Can I find joy in the journey without fear of failure and the looming results?

What was first thought to be Yoga Tennis in the 70s.  Author Timothy Gallwey learned that having joy during competition didn’t need to be so elusive if you had the right frame of mind.  Check out the excerpt from the legendary book: Inner Game of Tennis and see if you can find your own a-ha moment and how he found it after a canceled date.  : )

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Timothy Galleway / The Inner Game of Tennis

In contemporary Western culture there is a great deal of controversy about competition. One segment values it highly, believing that it is responsible for Western progress and prosperity. Another segment says that competition is bad; that it pits one person against another and is therefore divisive; that it leads to enmity between people and therefore to a lack of cooperation and eventual ineffectualness. Those who value competition believe in sports such as football, baseball, tennis and golf. Those who see competition as a form of legalized hostility tend to favor such noncompetitive forms of recreation as surfing, frisbee or jogging. If they do play tennis or golf, they insist on doing it “non-competitively.” Their maxim is that co-operation is better than competition. Those who argue against the value of competition have plenty of ammunition. As pointed out in the last chapter, there is a wealth of evidence showing how frenzied people tend to become in competitive situations.

My own attitude toward competition went through quite an evolution before I arrived at my present point of view. As described in the last chapter I was raised to believe in competition, and both playing well and winning meant a great deal to me. But as I began applying the principles of yoga to the teaching and playing of tennis, I became noncompetitive. Instead of trying to win, I decided to attempt only to play beautifully and excellently; in other words, I began to play a rather pure form of Perfect-o. My theory was that I would be like a yogi, unconcerned with how well I was doing in relation to my opponent and absorbed solely in achieving excellence for its own sake. Very beautiful; I would waltz around the court being very fluid, accurate, and “wise.”

But something was missing. I didn’t experience a desire to win, and as a result I often lacked the necessary determination. I had thought that it was in the desire to win that one’s ego entered the picture, but at one point I began to ask myself if there wasn’t such a motivation as an ego-less desire to win. Was there a determination to win that wasn’t an ego-trip and didn’t involve ail the fears and frustrations that accompany ego-trips? Does the will to win always have to mean “See I’m better than you”?

One day I had an interesting experience which convinced me in an unexpected way that playing for the sake of beauty and excellence was not all there was to tennis. For several weeks I had been trying to get a date with a particular girl. She had turned me down twice, but each time with what appeared to be a good reason. Finally a dinner date was set, and on that day as I finished my last lesson one of the other pros asked me to play a couple of sets. “I’d really like to, Fred,” I replied, “but I can’t make it this evening.” At that moment I was informed there was a telephone call for me. “Hold on, Fred,” I said. “If that call is what I’m afraid it is, you may have yourself a match. If so, watch out!” The call was what I’d feared. The excuse was a valid one, and the girl was so nice about it that I couldn’t get angry at her, but as I hung up I realized I was furious. I grabbed my racket, ran down to the court and began hitting balls harder than 1 ever had before. Amazingly, most of them went in. I didn’t let up when the match began, nor did I relent my all-out attack until it was over. Even on crucial points I would go for winners and make them. I was playing with an un- characteristic determination even when ahead; in fact I was playing out of my mind. Somehow the anger had taken me beyond my own preconceived limitations; it took me beyond caution.

After the match Fred shook my hand without looking in the least dejected. He’d run into a hurricane on that day which he couldn’t handle, but he’d had fun trying. In fact, I’d played so well that he seemed glad to have been there to witness it, or as if he deserved some credit for my reaching that level-which of course he did. But anger couldn’t be the secret to ego-less tennis, or could it?

I hadn’t been angry at my opponent or at myself. I was simply furious in such a way that it took me out of my mind. It enabled me to play with abandon, unconcerned about winning or playing well. I just hit the damn ball, and I enjoyed the hell out of it! It was one of the most fulfilling times I’d ever had on the court. The key seemed to be that something took me beyond myself, beyond the sense of ego-trying. The kind of trying that Self 1 does to feed its self-image was gone, but in its place was a strong, unwavering determination to win. Paradoxically, winning at that point mattered less to me but I found myself making my greatest effort.

The Inner Game of Tennis


Flushing Meadows, Queens-HDL, LDL and wild card entry Triglycerides are the first three semifinalist of the US Open Food Court draw at the USTA Billy Jean King National Tennis Center.

One of the most under the radar events at this year’s US Open is in the animal kingdom as homo sapiens make their annual pilgrimage to the US Open food court.  This mano o mano standoff between the finely tuned orthodontics of modern man vs the American slaughtered solitary corn fed cow.

Growing crowds are starting to take notice as Sushi bar and Tapas were eliminated early in the tournament along with Angry Taco and Crepe Express even though the French are flourishing in the Men’s Open category. A fan favorite to make the last and final spot in the semi-finals is Caffeine as the coffee beans are flowing organically from barista’s since day one of the event along with the high fructose laden soda’s that don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Sex appeal isn't enough to carry fruit very far at the US Open.
Sex appeal isn’t enough to carry fruit very far at the US Open.

One barrier to entry for many healthy and organic food choices at the US Open is marketing budget and brand recognition.  As ambassador Chiquita Banana Lady explained: “It’s hard to super size our product”.  Not so in the LDL entrant which can upgrade orders with high margin efficiency.  Prime Burger feeds LDL steadily throughout the fortnight as 1% income earners in the box and luxury seats and 99% income earners both have equal access to the high LDL food choices that challenge healthy artery membrane structure.

“We strive for equality at the USTA and don’t believe anyone should be judged by their dietary lifestyle”, said a USTA spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous for this story.

The only common denominator that levels the playing field is price.  As soft pretzel, fries and hot dogs are just as expensive in the 300 level as any vitamin rich tuna sandwich available in the luxury suites.  Not surprisingly to many, the Heinken Red Star lounge stumbled in the second round of qualifying and the Grey Goose entrant Honey Deuce bowed out in the second round in a fit of irony carrying too much garnish.

As the USTA brand grows while trying to make tennis more accessible and healthy for American’s to participate in they continue on charging high prices for energy sources and dining experiences that keep the heart disease in the United States flourishing.

Las Vegas has the following odds on winning the cherished US Open food court prize:  Caffeine 1;2 LDL 3:1, HDL 5:1 followed by Triglycerides at 10:1.  “It’s hard to beat caffeine it’s in every beverage imaginable and has a clear hydration advantage over it’s beefy counter parts” says tournament director Brian Early.  Naturally, weather will be a key factor in the outcome.

On a alternative note: Wimbledon is in talks of holding a grass fed cow category at the 2020 Wimbledon showing clear foresight to the future of the game and healthy beef alternatives.

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The Lemon: Imagination Six. Tolerance Love.



Flushing Meadows, NY- Is this John McEnroe’s worst nightmare?

To simplify and make the sport more attractive to millennials who seek activities without boundaries and limitations the USTA has unveiled its cutting edge “line less” and “net free” tennis court.

“In order to evolve and compete in the marketplace for the highly sought after and influential millennial generation the USTA is leading the American sports landscape with what we are calling boundary free and obstruction free tennis courts” announced USTA President Katrina Adams.

A branded blue shadow of the old boundaries will still remain on the court as a tribute to our past but it will be for aesthetic only.

Starting this year, players will not have the burden of playing their shots within the rectangular boundaries that used to measure 36 feet wide by 78 feet long.  Local legend, John McEnroe was looking on in bemusement as he wandered in from a pre-tournament practice session from an outside court.  Shortly thereafter he was seeking clarification on the new rule changes and immediately started practicing his serve into the first rows of the new Grand Stand Court. Passerby’s were alarmed to hear the fiberglass seats echoing around the new structure as McEnroe plastered the new seats with his famous wind up service motion.


“Our market research shows that this underserved audience demanded changes that appealed to their core values” added Adams in the last year of her tenure as President.

With no further details on how the rules or point flow there is speculation that players will be able to use their mobile devices as part of their shot selection as well and activity monitors installed in each racquet.

Adult Tennis Managing Director Jeff Waters announced that the new courts and rules with a working title called: “Gray Area” will be revealed on the eve of the US Open starting Aug 28th.  The press conference will be via Reddit app with coupons with new US Open craft beer sponsor Monkey in a Trunk will be available to all that attend.

It’s not known what will happen to the lines persons and how matches will be officiated and if hawkeye technology will become obsolete.

The US Open draws will still be 128 for Men’s and Women’s singles but a new change will allow trophies for all participants.

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Wimbledon-In a laugher Milos Raonic sweeps Andy Murray’s follicles aside in Wimbledon Sub Final awarded to the best hair cut of the Championships.

Neophyte Wimbledon sponsor Super Cuts handed out the golden comb after the Royal Box emptied on Sunday to Canada’s Milos Raonic after his breezy 6-1, 6-2, 6-3 straights sets win over Andy Murray.  It was a lopsided contest for heavy favorite and Canada’s number one ranked tennis player and his famous Ready to Wed hair style. The meticulously  prepped damp hair with smoothing lotion overmatched the Birds Nest hairdo sported by Scotland’s finest tennis player.  Murray struggled throughout the match covering up his follicle deficiencies with his sponsor’s hat.

The finely cut 3mm grass courts on Center Court were an poignant backdrop for the new champion’s hair to shine.  The deep chestnut brown strands were blown dry with a Denman brush to smooth back the hair for optimum performance ideally coordinated with his aggressive baseline play.  The gentle smooth back finish is classic Ready To Wed style that awed those in attendance and watching from home on high definition televisions around the world.

Moments before the award presentation he neatly organized his racquets and towels and pulled out a small sprayer from his attache kit to finish with a light hold hairspray giving him subtle yet minimum shine after 98 minutes of on court action.

For bed head wearing Murray its back to the mirror before the American hard court seasons and Rio Olympics.

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