Miami’s Adult Tennis Program Flourishes




Miami Adult Tennis Programs Flourish
Brian Lutz / April 13, 2018

Coconut Grove, FL

The magic formula for any business including a tennis lessons must include value . When I wrote my adult lesson program I focused on delivering just that-VALUE.


One of the biggest challenges to helping the recreational tennis player improve their game was maximizing the students time.  We live in a busy world so it became paramount in a technical game such as tennis to maximize a students time when they are on the practice court. So I came up with a system for teaching players tennis that make every workout session super efficient.

How do we do this? Like all great things it’s a collaborative effort and I’ve been gathering feedback from my students since the dot com boom when I first started my business in the city that needs sleep. The Big Apple.

Things are in hyper drive in NYC so the time crunch was as important as was space to play tennis which made teaching players challenging.  But with the high volume of residents and limited tennis courts I needed to find a solution.  It was in the group tennis format using team building exercises.


The biggest benefit to the Backhand City program is faster learning curve.  Students hit more balls per hour than a traditional tennis lesson.   It’s at the point that within 20 minutes upon your arrival to class I can have you hitting 20 balls in a row without missing.


How do I do this? It’s a formula that is a mix of science and 32 years of observing people play tennis.  The system is based on principles from the Malcolm Gladwell book entitled the Outliers and the 10k hour rule to mastery.  The challenge was how do I scale this down to a reasonable lesson plan for players who just want to learn to rally with friends and play social tennis?  Not become the next Roger Federer.

I decided to introduce team building exercises for my students. Thus players now relied on each other in an interdependent environment to push each other to get better. The biggest benefit to this is: fun.

The largest obstacle to learning tennis is getting out of your head and I find the best way to do this is with like minded classmates who have similar goals and obstacles to improvement.  Naturally, a qualified coach who understands the art and science to teaching tennis is essential.  A traditional basket fed teaching class simply won’t work because it’s inefficient and creates co-dependecy.

With all of the frequency of shots and extended rallies quite naturally you begin to get  an increase cardio vascular workout.  I’m always pleased to hear from my students how surprised they are of the with the intensity of the workout.  Most of good tennis technique is movement and footwork.  So a lot of the key technical advise I give trains these movements we call “adjustment steps” so we are not only practicing our fundamental swing technique but coordinating it with movement as well with hand-eye- foot coordination exercises with the racket and  ball.


Players need to practice to get better and to continue to add value to our adult tennis program I designed and online tennis course with a practice plan that you can follow along with as you improve your tennis game.  All you need is a tennis ball and a wall.

Dedicate 20 minutes a few times a week outside of class you will see you learning curve explode upward.  Once players sign up for our classes in Coconut Grove I give them access to my other service on TennisTIP called: Red Ball Tennis Lessons.

Now novice level players who are frustrated that they can’t keep up with friends who have been playing for years have a game plan available right on their mobile device.

If you are looking to learn the sport of tennis, meet new friends and get a great workout you have arrived at the right place.  Together we can help each other reach higher levels faster.

Written by: Brian Lutz

Backhand City

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