Miami Open Tennis Scouting Report: Grigor Dimitrov




Brian Lutz / February 27, 2018

2018 Miami Open Scouting Report: Grigor Dimitrov

One of the best athletes on the ATP Tour with excellent speed, acceleration and flexibility.  His tremendous athletic skills make his game entertaining to watch.  He is a shot maker who likes to show off his all court game.  He plays mostly as an aggressive base liner who craves variety when  breaking down an opponent.   Although superb athelticism and diverse weapons are a  great attribute to have all of these choices in one’s arsenal may tend to over complicate game management. At times he gets caught up in  long rallies and defensive points too often.


He gets away with playing defensive tennis because of his supreme athleticism against lower ranked players and a powerful service game.  A slow hard court like the Miami Open will nullify this advantage as the court gives players a lot of extra time on return of serve allowing for longer baseline rallies. Day matches would favor Dimitrov as his ample serve would be more effective in hot conditions.  He would be vulnerable at night when the court bounce is significantly lower.

Serve is a great weapon as he is able to power the ball thru the court with his height and strength.  He does struggle at time with errant ball tosses that tend to tilt him off balance as he prepares for his second shot.  Serve precision needs improvement.

Dimitrov is very committed and well coached.  He has made adjustments in 2018 to play more aggressively with his ground strokes and return of serve in particular looking to strike the ball earlier (a la Roger Federer since 2017).  He tends to have too many errors in neutral ball rallies that go over 10 to 12 shots during crucial points.  Consistency has been his flaw throughout his career. He would be better served to continue to  concentrate on utilizing his ball striking skills, power and athletic ability to keep points shorter and transfer the score board pressure on his opponent.   Key Biscayne’s slow playing tennis court surface will challenge this style of play.

Here is a perfect example during his 2018 match at the Australian Open vs  Rafa Nadal where his ball striking ability take over the point early in a return game.


2017 Miami Open: Lost second round to: G. Palia 3-6, 6-7 (Stadium Court at Crandon Park Tennis Center).

2018 Miami Open Tennis Scouting Report:  Written by Brian Lutz


 Photo courtesy of Zimbio