10 Questions About the Miami Open’s Move to Hard Rock Stadium




The New Home of the Miami Open in 2019 at Dolphin Stadium
Brian Lutz / February 25, 2018

Is The Tennis Landscape in Miami Changing for the Better?

If you build it will they come?  The Dolphins and the IMG (the owners of the Miami Open) believe they will. With the 60 million dollar transformation of the Master Series 1000 event held in Key Biscayne since 1987.


The Miami Open has long been a pioneer in tennis offering the “Winter Wimbledon” concept in the mid 1980’s and was the first tournament to unveil “hawkeye” technology on Stadium Court allowing players two replay challenges of line calls during each set.  Since then the brand itself, while thriving, struggled from a real estate stand point to keep up with Madrid, Shanghai and Indian Wells stadium upgrades and expansions.


Innovation drives economies by helping businesses producing more with less.  In real estate development like the new tennis facility at Hard Rock stadium, questions are starting to be debated about the growth of the tennis economy and the innovation of a tennis club in a football stadium’s parking lot.

Here are 10 Questions curated from talking to tennis fans, insiders and informal polls on social media.

What do you think will be done with the courts during the 50 weeks when there is no Miami Open going on?

What will the center court experience be like inside the stadium?

Will the luxury suites seem too far away to see a tennis match?

Could it become and high end private club for tennis players?

What will tailgaters make of the tennis facility in their parking lot?

How much would you pay to play tennis at Hard Rock Tennis Club?


Also, what will happen to Crandon Park Tennis Center?

Will the tired facility get a facelift by the county?

What will they do with the Stadium?

How happy are residents of Key Biscayne now that the tournament is on the move?

Get ready South Florida the Miami Open is coming to a parking lot near you in March 2019 just 13 months from now.

After twenty-two years, the tournament affectionately known to long time residents as the Lipton is having it’s last hurrah in Key Biscayne this March.


Brian Lutz


Hint! Innovation doesn’t stop on court or off.   Let’s learn tennis together with a red ball and a wall.