Miami Open Scouting Report: Nick Kyrgios




Nick Kyrgios Miami Open
Brian Lutz / March 2, 2018

Miami, FL

Miami Open Scouting Report: Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios is 6’4″ multi-talented Australian tennis player with question mark shaped physique accented by overly pronated shoulders. The 22 year old brash, immature, temperamental, apathetic ,talented, honest, lovable tennis player is explosive physically and emotionally. He is an entertaining tennis player to watch and the crowds feed off his drama.

His 2017 run to the semi-finals of the Miami Open gave fans what they wanted. A player who’s talent and effort came together as one.


He has a very live arm with effortless power on his first and second serve. He serves in the 130s with ease. He plays daring under pressure points yet folds easily at times during routine games that let opponents wrestle control of a match. He is not a player that performs reliably when his A Game isn’t working.

His forehand is his most versatile weapon after his serve. He can open up the court with flat lasers from deep positions behind the baseline or shape the ball flight to move his opponent off the court. He has Monfils spirit for entertainment first tactics. To his credit his unconventional and ill timed “tweeners” and trick shots have a high conversation rate.

His backhand is powerful and can be used as an effective finishing shot especially down the line. His technique resembles someone who is holding a shovel in his hand digging out of a ditch. It’s simpleness is its best quality. His square racquet face and unorthodox grip and linear swing allow him to adapt well on fast court surfaces.

His length, athleticism and ease of movement around the court make him special. He rarely slices his backhand as a tactical ploy and will only utilize his squash shots and under spin for entertainment value or out of desperation if the ball gets behind him.

His feel for the ball give him great touch around the net with dink shots, lob volley and uses top spin lobs effectively against net rushers.

He’s a great front runner.¬†Opponents look to get a lead on him early to discourage him and take advantage of his mood swings. He can go from angry to apathetic quickly and toggles between these mental hurdles more times than not. Much like 1980’s tennis star John McEnroe, Kyrgios is able to lift his game with his anger at times but not as efficient as McEnroe was utilizing his rage.

He needs to work on his backhand return. He doesn’t hit a lot of laser return of serve on the backhand that is common with most guys who play with two hands in the top 20. He also lacks some discipline on the volley especially the backhand.

If you have 14 minutes to spare you are in for a treat. This is a tremendous highlight package from the Miami Open men’s semi final from last year on Stadium Court at Crandon Park Tennis Center. It launches with Kyrgios setting the tone early with a “sabr” tactic. He loses the point but the message was reflective of what was to come.

2017 Miami Open Result: Semi-Final Loss to Federer: 6-7, 7-6. 6-7.

Scouting Report written by Brian Lutz

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Photo courtesy of The Telegraph