It’s The Reason You Started Playing Tennis in the First Place.




Live Ball Tennis Miami.
Brian Lutz / April 6, 2018

Miami, FL

You can hear the energy when you walk up to the tennis courts.  There is something different going on.


Often people who don’t even play tennis just stop on their way to downtown Coconut Grove just to watch.  The non stop action and ricocheted tennis ball drives retriever dogs crazy as the owners pull the leash to hold their canine’s excitement at bay.

Those without dogs take notice. Some yell out encouragement. Some make mocking grunts to imitate the participants and other simply watch. It’s quite a scene.

When I catch the bystanders out of the corner of my eye I can almost sense their thoughts.  Many times they are just smiling as they see these grown adults running around like kids in a playground.


This isn’t your typical doubles match. LiveBall takes away all the downtown in tennis.  The ball pick up. The re-positioning.  The pre service routine that starts every point with a few dribbles.  It also takes away sulking and celebrating and just focuses on the moment. The play. The reason you started playing in the first place.

Words don’t do Live Ball justice but listening will.

Audio Source: April 5, 2018 Liveball class at Kirk Munroe Tennis Center.

Written by Brian Lutz

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