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Brian Lutz / January 31, 2020

5 ways a tennis ball machine can help improve your tennis game.

Can’t find a tennis partner or coach?  Technology has come a long way in the ball machine market from the vacuum cleaner sounding ball machines of the 1980s.  Today most ball machines are easy portability, offer lots of shot variety and utilize long lasting energy power sources.

But if you have ever hit with a ball machine it can have its limitations if you don’t know how to maximize your experience with it.  Firstly, I think a lot of tennis players think of the ball machine as a solo experience.  Which kind of makes sense since you probably ended up here if you couldn’t find a tennis partner or can’t afford a tennis professional.

My number one tip is to bring a Tenn Tube to the event.  It’s fun hitting all of the balls but not quite as much fun picking them all up.  I’m not a big fan of  portable steel cage 75 ball hopper. They are flimsy and rough on your back when you decide to pick up.  They also fall over a lot. There are other more sturdy version but they all less than desirable than the efficient Tennis Tube. Also, the ball machine will hold all of the balls for you so having a basket is redundant.

Now you will be tempted to try out all of the oscillating features and spins your machine may offer.  My advice is to curb your enthusiasm and get a feel for you fitness.  You will be surprised how quickly you get a workout and won’t need to be doing some much extreme variety.

Pick out a simple pattern of strokes and go from there.  Also, the frequency will need to be adjusted as well.  Ease into things by thinking of the ball machine as a treadmill.  You wouldn’t start at max speed on that workout device either.

It Takes Two To Tango

It’s you and the ball machine I get it.  But if you want a pleasant surprise invite a friend to the ball machine workout.

a. It cuts your costs in half.

b. You can pick up for each other with the tube while the other is hitting

c.  You can rest in between sets and while your tennis partner hits.

You might be amazed how productive a ball machine and can be with a friend and the amazing workout it gives you. After you are finished you can have a hit to test out your newly grooved strokes with your partner.

5 Ways to Use a Tennis Ball Machine

In this podcast I will show you five ways you can use a ball machine to help your tennis game the most.

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Brian Lutz

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P.s. Also, here is a great story on tennis ball machines if you are on the market to buy one as well as a new start up company embarking on manufacturing the worlds smallest ball machine called The Proton.