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Brian Lutz / November 28, 2019

How many shots do you hit during a one hour tennis lesson?

Let’s try a fun experiment. Take your tennis racquet and can of tennis balls and see how many shots you can hit in one hour tennis lessons with your tennis instructor.  The goal is to play with as much consistency as possible so you can gather the most data.

You have 3 options here to collect the data.

Activity Tracker:

If you have apple watch you can download Tennis Keeper app  Zepp App or Babolat Pop.

Portable Net Device:

You could also go the hardware route with In and Out portable line calling device that you attach to the net.  This will cost you a bit more and each year this product seems to be getting more features and increased accuracy.  For two players one device attached to the net will suffice.  If you are playing doubles or want increase accuracy you can add a second device to the other net posts and / line devices. You can track you stats on the mobile app.

Old School Pen and Paper:

Finally, you could go old school with a pen and paper.  All you need is a person charting your shots on the sideline with a clip board. To simply chart how many balls you hit and if they are a really good friend they can keep track of forehand to backhand ratios for you.  This would be a task for someone who lost a bet!

Tennis Methodology

For our experiment we downloaded the software for apple watch. As you will see we hit for over and hour.  The Average Heart rate seems off at 68bpm is more like a resting heart rate.  This leads me to believe the watch isn’t ideal for data collection like a FitBit or Garmin device or my student had it on the wrong settings.

Here is our podcast episode explaining how to use these devices for your tennis game and explaining some of the results we got from the experiment.

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