new years tennis resolution 2020
Brian Lutz / January 3, 2020

A whopping 80 percent of American’s never reach there New Year’s resolution.

In fact, only 8 percent of people actually fulfill their resolutions. Data activity monitoring indicates most people fall off the their resolution by Jan 12th and that 55% choose health related goals.  So with 35% of Americans having a resolution to start off 2020 we are taking about 45-50 million fitness plans are falling by the way side before the two week mark.

The overwhelming reason for the high failure rate is people take on more than they can handle and get discouraged.  Miss a day or two and suddenly it snowballs into weeks and then months with no resolve.  To solve this problem I’m going to challenge you to a tennis resolution to start off the new decade.

The good news is you can complete this resolution on one day!

More accurately in under one hour.  I’m going to give you the 100 ball tennis challenge.  Set aside 30-45 minutes by yourself or with a friend and bring the following items below.

  1. Tennis Racquet
  2. Two Tennis Balls
  3. Bring the Balls that Suit Playing Level (Red, Orange, Green, Yellow)
  4. Find a Wall or Tennis Court
  5. Bring Water Towel etc

The biggest problem with New Year resolutions is they are too big.  People want to lose weight or get in shape or read a book a month and it becomes overwhelming.  The beauty of this goal is it is very challenging but achievable with a proper mind set and strategy.  You will need to hit the court with a plan.

First you will need to decide if you want to do this alone or with a friend.  Then pick a time and place to meet.  A wall or tennis court is suffice.  Plan on an hour including travel time, parking etc.

In the podcast below I outline the plan for you.  Follow the step by step instructions and note the progressions you will utilize to achieve your goal and the process that you will implement including the warm up period.

Also, I only have you use two balls so each player can put one ball in their pocket.  I do this because I want there to be a sense of urgency since missing isn’t going to be tolerated I want you to have a mind set of efficiency and cooperation to help achieve your goal.

How To Hit 100 Tennis Balls In a Row for Your New Year’s Resolution


Good luck and Happy New Year!

Brian Lutz

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Bonus Footage: Here is a sample footage of a myself and a friend who is an Intermediate tennis player.  Together we try to hit 100 balls in a row.  As you will see we get to 84 (I miscalculated in the video).  So we will keep meeting once a week until we reach our goal.