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Brian Lutz / February 21, 2020

Go to the store and and buy a new can of tennis balls.

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Starting off with a good impression never hurts. You will be amazed how many people will want to play with you when you crack open a new can of tennis balls with a whiff of that new ball smell.  From here I’ll give you some practical, technical and punctual tips on how to be a good tennis partner that will attract players to you.

Check out his podcast episode below for 6 tips to help you find tennis partner to play with even if you are a novice level player.

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Bonus!  Looking for tennis partners. There are a number of websites and apps that have a marketplace of tennis players who are looking for a game.  Some are free and others have premium models where you pay a monthly fee.  Here are some of the options below in the market place.

Let’s Play Tennis

Let’s play tennis is a free service that require a traditional email /password mechanism to join.  Here in Miami for instance they have approximately 370 players listed in their marketplace.  Players can include a photo of themselves a brief description of what they are looking for and a self rating.

One thing to note with these sites most players over rate themselves. For example if you are a 4.0 USTA player and someone claims to be of similar level there is a good chance they are not so try to vet them out our filter your search accordingly.

Play Your Court

Is now offering a very affordable partner service for under $10 a month with similar features to Let’s Play Tennis. They also include free tennis tips for players as well on their blog.

Tennis Bros

Tennis Bros is a relatively new player in the marketplace and offers a very nice web design and interface.  It’s key features are a match scheduler and the ability to record your scores with your opponents.

Tennis League

The Tennis League Network has been around for almost 20 years now and has a nationwide service for premium leagues for competitive tennis players and a free find a partner service.  I’ve included the home page for the Miami League here but if you scroll down to the footer you will see the nationwide list of participating cities.