How Many Shots Do You Hit In One Hour On The Tennis Court?




Brian Lutz / June 2, 2018

Miami, FL

Let’s try a fun experiment. Take your tennis racquet and can of tennis balls and see how many shots you can hit in one hour with your friend or against a wall.

Accelerator Tennis

It’s no secret that practice is the pathway to improvement but how you practice and the what you are getting accomplished during your on court practice session is essential to your improvement.   You need a high volume of  quality training sessions to accelerate  your learning curve.

The Tennis Conundrum

If you started playing tennis as a kid one of the biggest advantages you had was time.  You could literally play all day especially in the Summertime.  As an adult our restraint on time is the biggest factor in our playing decision.  To alleviate this issue we need to  take advantage of our time on the practice court not just to relieve stress, lose weight or socialize (all important benefits).  What about the improvement of your tennis game?

Reaching  Your Tennis Potential

But what if we want to get better.  Not subtle improvement like tweaking a stroke. I mean #nextlevel better.  Like 3.5-4.0 or 4.0 to 4.5.  How would one go about doing that?

We have come up with a regiment for the type of player who’s looking to take their game to the next level.  A system that allows players to blend quality with efficiency to  max out your workouts with great frequency and synergy accomplishing all the goals you want  in a tennis workout.

We call that Accelerator Tennis  where players can hit  400 shots per hour.  Go ahead.  Open up a can of balls and hit for 60 minutes and see how many balls you can hit on your own with a friend.  Now pour on a quality coaching system on top of your efforts and that is where we come in while increasing your frequency of ball striking.  Accelerator Tennis brings it all together.

Our immersion program isn’t for everyone. It’s A LOT of work. But who it is  for is players who are serious and committed into improving their tennis game. Are you that player?

We offer training sessions 5 days a week with 3 early morning workouts and 2 evenings sessions giving you every opportunity to  reach your tennis potential improve your fitness, meet some new friends and burn off that unnecessary life stress.

Brian Lutz

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