how many tennis lessons do you need a week
Brian Lutz / December 1, 2019

The best investment you can make is the one you make in yourself.

To reach personal fulfillment on a daily basis it’s important to invest in yourself. Start your day off or a some point during your day you should be feeding your soul. For us tennis players it’s getting on the court as much as we can.

It’s no way to exist simply outputting work every day without investing in something joyful.  I realized my contribution to the world as a tennis instructor was to help people find this part of their day where they could simply find joy and have fun learning the game, connect with friends and get a great workout.

Which leads us to the topic of this blog post:

How Long Should You Go In Between Tennis Lessons?

How should much time should you delegate your training in your own tennis game?  The answer is different for everyone  but the most common schedule is as follow:

Lessons Once a Week

Practice or Play 2-4 Times Per Week

Naturally, the more you play the better and sharper you game will get.  In this podcast episode I outline some ideas and insight on how often you should play tennis.

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Brian Lutz

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How can your tennis pro add value to your tennis game?

Look for a pro who has a lot of passion for tennis and his or her craft.  You should be hearing from your pro even on days you are playing tennis with them.  Here are 5 ways tennis pro’s can add value to your game.

  1. Pro’s can arrange practice partner for you.
  2. Pro’s can write a blog or include insightful news or commentary on the game of tennis.
  3. Offer video tips. Students who are passionate about tennis love to watch video to improve their game.
  4. Give tips on equipment and services for players looking to upgrade rackets, shoes etc.
  5. Plan social events so the students can network and have formalized practice sessions.