Brian Lutz / December 14, 2019

So you want to learn tennis?

How long will it take for you go be good?

Everyone can learn tennis. Everyone skill set and learning curve is different.  With the proper instruction and teaching system all you have to do is follow the progressions.  In these progressions each concept builds upon the next.  Its just like when you learned basic math as a a kid or when you learned to walk.  Just like arithmetic and learning to spell everyone can learn tennis with the proper instruction, patience and pathway.

The key is to make it fun and do it in a team building environment where you are collaborating with like minded individuals, getting a great workout and meeting new friends.  That’s the beauty of tennis its a lot more social the going to the gym.

In this podcast episode I will break down the amount of time it takes someone from 3 main categories who can learn tennis from any skill set and background.

How Long Does It Take a Beginner To Be Good At Tennis?


First, I will get into the three different types of beginner tennis players.  The good news is you will fall into one of the three categories. And the better news is they all lead down the same pathway.  Good teaching systems let students self discover their game and learning method at the speed that is right for you as a unique individual.

The 3 types of beginners you will hear about in the podcast are a blend of athletic experience and God given innate skills. Specifically, hand eye coordination and lower body movement.

For educational purposes I informally categorize into the following categories:  Limited Skills and Experiences,  Average Skills and Experiences and  Phenoms.  The key here is not to get caught up in which category you fall into but to let you know that anyone can learn tennis with the right instructor and teaching system.

The key for you is straights forward.  Have fun. Trust the process and be passionate.

Tennis class should be fun but it should also have a system of learning so you can make natural progressions to each stage of your development.  Finally, your passion will be the driver of your improvement and quite naturally the more you practice the more your learning curve will arch in positive direction.

Enjoy the podcast and if you have any questions let me know.

Brian Lutz

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