Brian Lutz / December 20, 2019

Serving can be a big distraction to your tennis game if you don’t have a proper ball toss.

Not only can it derail you consistency when serving it also reeks havoc on the rest of you game.  This type of distraction saps your confidence and forces players into unforced errors they normally wouldn’t commit.  Sound like you?

You are not alone.  Understanding how to hone your serve has a lot to do about the ball toss.  In this podcast episode and Instagram video we are going to break down the toss and timing required to hit a good serve.

It’s important to have a routine and stick to it when you are at the beginning of each serve whether it is a first serve or a second serve. Sticking to a “ritual” and pre service routine is a big part of being relaxed and focused on the ball toss.  I find many players get caught up in the negativity when the serve and it translates to bad technique.

Things and deteriorate quickly if you let them.  One minute you are serving with power and ease and a few points later your shots are all over the court. So slowing down your mind with a pre serve dribble is essential to allowing your mind to rest while monitoring your breathing and allowing the focus to isolate on the toss technique.

One thing you are going to want to do is make sure you are paying attention to the proper “hinge” that make the ball toss effective. This proper hinge comes from the shoulder.  As you will see in the video below the should easily and efficiently elevates the ball into the proper position.

Many times players use their elbow or worse the wrist to elevate the ball toss which causes a lot of erratic tosses which leads to inconsistent serving especially when there is scoreboard pressure.

STEP 1:   First listen to the podcast to get the information and the breakdowns on this technique.

STEP 2:  Watch the Instagram Video

STEP 3:  Listen to the podcast again to let the information truly resonate

STEP 4:  Hit the practice court, take a lesson or start practicing tossing a ball where ever you are right now.

How To Fix the Ball Toss On Your Serve

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