Get Off The Treadmill of the Typical Tennis Lesson




Brian Lutz / March 30, 2018

Miami, FL

It’s Inspiring Tennis…

The Miami Open has that effect. There is nothing like live in person world class tennis to get your juices flowing. If you are one of those people who has become inspired to learn or improve your tennis game.  You arrived at the right place, Backhand City .

Learn and Improve Your Tennis Game

Most tennis clubs don’t have beginner tennis programs for adults or have bad ones. That’s no longer the case with our Novice Tennis Lesson Series. It’s a 6-week course for $225 that will get you hitting 20 balls in a row within 20 minutes of arrival to class.

Also included in this class is our online tennis school full of pop quizzes and practice plans for you to practice against the wall and with friends.  No one offers this anywhere for Beginners but it’s here in Miami, FL.

Our Monday night class for designed for lapsed tennis players.  You know the guy or girl who was  forced to tennis camp as a child or played on the high school team back in the day.  It’s a refresher course with a modern spin utilizing team building exercises with a cardio challenge layer on top of the development of your swing.

Get off the treadmill of typical group tennis lessons and try our Intermediate tennis lesson series to see your game in a whole new light.


Our licensed Liveball for advanced tennis players is a point play class. Simply put, its the reason your started playing tennis in the first place. Non stop action, to challenge yourself and your friends to take your game and fitness to another level every Thursday night.


Brian Lutz

Backhand City

Find Your Aha Moment


Don’t live near Miami and wan’t me to be your teaching pro.  Get ready to immerse yourself in improving your game with my Red Ball Tennis Lesson Series.  100-Days of Drills and tennis tips for you to practice and improve your game for $35 flat!!!  I don’t skip stages this is a course that full implements  each stage of your learning curve so you will have a solid foundation to grow your tennis game.  This course is built for Novice and Advanced Beginner tennis players.