Brian Lutz / August 20, 2020

It’s worked in the NBA the best. As the US Open launches its ambitious efforts fans will only be able to watch from afar.

Players, support staff and essential workers running the tournament and bringing it to your television will be the only people around on site at the USTA National Tennis Center.

The good news is the USTA has gotten to watch the other major sports work on the kinks in advance of the 3 weeks of tennis including the Master Series 1000 event to be held before the Grand Slam.

One of the biggest challenges for the tournament will be the international nature of the event. With players coming from all parts of the globe it will be even more difficult to control the virus.

As of this posting they have already had one positive case that of a tennis coach. In addition two players who work with the coach have been quarantined.

Not surprisingly, the the trio trained in Miami which has been a recent hotspot for the pandemic. Even with the recent drop age of positive cases the virus is still strong in South Florida.

With strict contact tracing protocols and testing the tournament hopes to move forward with a full line up of tennis players.

To date notable withdrawals include Rafael Nadal, Simona Halep and Ash Barty to name a few.


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