Brian Lutz / May 13, 2020

So what happens if you pick up the wrong ball on your court and play the point out?

Question #1: Is it a friendly game or sanctioned League or Tournament?

Question #2: What kind of tennis balls are you using?

Question #3: How many balls are you using?

Question #4: What is the right thing to do?

Listen to today episode of Find Your Aha Moment to find out what happens in this scenario.

Question #

What’s The Value of Distraction During A Pandemic?

Recreational outlets are at a premium now with Covid-19. People miss their routines and fresh air and exercise is a big part of people’s lives.

In this episode of Find Your Aha Moment we take a look at some of the benefits of sports and distraction have for our mental and emotional health.

Five Covid-19 Policies You Will Notice In South Florida Tennis Facilities

The new normal may be here for a while. Social distancing and tennis are natural doubles partners but you will still need to know the protocols to keep yourself safe and those around you.

In this podcast we provide 5 common themes you will see at tennis courts near you.

Five Tips To Use Your First Day Back On The Tennis Court After Quarantine.

Yes, we have all been on the sideline with the pandemic here in the United States. But outside of playing against the wall or with a gimmick from the internet playing tennis on court might require some adjustment to consider so you can ease back into the game.

In this episode I give some practical advice that you can utilize before you get to the court, on the court and after you leave.

How To Social Distance On A Tennis Court?

The good news is tennis has a natural social distancing within the framework of the game especially for singles players.

In this podcast I give you practical tips to follow to maximize your tennis experience with you and your partner.

Written by Brian Lutz