Breakfast at Wimbledon




Brian Lutz / July 12, 2018

Miami, FL


In a world of increasing inclusivity Wimbledon Center Court is quite the opposite.  It’s the most exclusive tennis court in the world.  So much so there is no play on this court except during the tournament fortnight. There are two notable exceptions to this during non tournament time.  Before the tournament begins 4 ladies who belong to the club play a light set of doubles to “warm up” the court before the first Monday match.  On the Monday after the Men’s final the Club’s President can invite 3 guests along to play a set or two of tennis.  After that the court is reseeded and dormant 5o more weeks until the next Wimbledon begins.


I first fell in love with tennis in the 1980’s and one of the earliest memories is watching the announcers over the years broadcast the match from the NBC now ESPN broadcast booth tucked beneath the stands of the worlds most exclusive tennis court. Here is a cool tour of this famous broadcast booth with current lead announcer Chris Fowler of ESPN.  For American’s this experience is known as Breakfast at Wimbledon with live matches each morning here in the United States.

Brian Lutz

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