After Work Tennis Class for 20s and 30s Somethings




Brian Lutz / August 8, 2017

Miami-FL Is it just me or is it hard to find people your own age and skill set to play tennis with in Miami? It’s not the easiest city in the world to connect with people or find reliable service providers.

If you have ever wanted to “really” learn to play tennis and have a firm understanding on how to control your shots, connect with new friends and get a great workout at the same time you have landed at the right place.


We offer after work tennis classes for three levels of players: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. We are the only tennis program in Miami geared for young adults with a pathway of tennis programs that includes a 100 day online practice program in between your weekly group tennis lessons.

It’s time to choose the right level for you.

We offer 3 after work programs to get you started.




For those who really want to accelerate your learning and seek total immersion we recommend our 100 days online course you can use as a practice plan to work on your game outside of class called Red Ball Tennis Lessons for an additional $7/ month.


Can you feel our enthusiasm for our craft? We are totally committed to your tennis experience and your improvement.

When you are ready simply reserve your spot in class in one of the classes above and then take it up a notch with Red Ball Tennis Lessons. practice plan.

Let the fun begin!

Brian Lutz and Katya Yegoreychenko

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Hint! Need a tennis racket or have questions about the right level for you? Email us: