how many tennis lessons do you need a week
Brian Lutz / March 22, 2020


Are you a new tennis player who always wanted to learn how to play tennis?

Are you a lapsed tennis player? Maybe you played as a child and thought “man, I wish I would have stayed with tennis”.

Or maybe you have played tennis for some time and you have had some tennis lessons and you feel like you hit a glass ceiling? You can see more potential but you can’t seem to break through.

If so, you have come to the right blog post. I’ve been teaching tennis for over 30 years and in the beginning like a lot of pro’s I fell into some knowledge traps. I call them institutional mantras.

What are these mantras? Well they’ve been arounds since I started teaching and even before. They have been passed down thru generations and unfortunately they still exist today and they plague the teaching industry.

One of the reasons is there is no manual or training program for young tennis coaches and they simply repeat like parrots the things that were passed down to them.

They are expressions such as: “bend your knees” “watch the ball” and “follow through”. These tips are well meaning but the coaches say them when they get nervous when their student misses because they really don’t know what to say.

Simply put, when I was a young pro. I knew how to play but I didn’t know how to teach what I could do. Simply put I relied on these mantras until I started doing some formalized thinking on how to play tennis.

It dawned on me one day in the late 1980’s at Whitford Country Club in Exton, PA where I was an assistant tennis professional. One of my regulars came back to me and said in summary, “I play well with you but when I play with friends I can’t hit the ball”.

It got me thinking. Overtime I began to adapt how I teach to help people have a greater understanding of how their mind and body relate to this fuzzy yellow sphere.

In short, I developed a system of how to play tennis that removed all of these institutional mantras and used just simple and easy to consume English so people could learn how to play tennis faster.


Not just play faster but have a greater understanding of themselves and some of the basic physics that is involved in how to play tennis.

My system broke down a few of the common issues that arises with players from Novice to Intermediate and even Advanced recreational tennis players.

In many ways, YouTube has done more harm than good in helping people improve their tennis game. The internet is full of confusing terms and high level training that isn’t suitable for the average player.

Simply, put you will never hit a forehand like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer its just not realistic from a talent, performance or investment of time. It’s entertaining but it does not translate to you and your own tennis game.

It would be the equivalent of racing a Toyota Camry in a NASCAR race by comparing the similarity in steering wheels.

Also,many tennis coaches skip right to the Calculus and breeze over the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division necessary to preform advance mathematical systems.

Modern teaching dogma falls into the trap of “playing up”. As the only way to improve your game is to play with “better players”. Try skipping basic math and skip to Algebra and let me know how that goes.

Skipping crucial stages and have air tight fundamentals is the key to your development. I’ve developed a system with case studies that I’ve put together over the last few decades.

The good news for you as it’s now available in one package and I’m going to be with you through the entire process helping correct technique and giving you the motivation to progress through each stage of your development.

Check out this 5 minute video and watch to the end as I give you some insight on how this journey begins