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Brian Lutz / February 2, 2020

How to build a team environment in an individual sport like tennis.

Team building may seem counterintuitive when it comes to developing a tennis program but you can have a lot of fun with large numbers of tennis students on one court with a paradigm shift on how you think about tennis coaching.

There are three types of “play based” drills you can run for you tennis program cooperative, competitive and a hybrid.  I like to make my classes very interactive. So my lesson plan includes a lot of fun interactions that get interjected into a drill.  Let me give you some examples of the things we do in our group tennis classes.

Cooperative Drills

Tennis is a individual and competitive sport. So one of my favorite drills is to put your typical opponent on the other side of the net and make them an ally.  To do this I have students work on consistency to see how many shots then can hit in a row.  This is a great fundament drill to help build a high shot tolerance as well as awareness of where your opponent in comfortable hitting the ball.

You can do cooperative drills with individuals or teams which just escalates the fun.

Competitive Drills

Since we just spent all of this time cooperating to develop control of your strokes now let’s interject some added fun by turing the tables into a competition.  Use your new found consistency and placement and try to find where you opponent doesn’t like to hit the ball.  It gives students a new mind set to think from and adds a different type of tension that comes up in match play so they get used to playing with urgency in a competitive environment.

Hybrid Drills

Hybrid drills are just what they sound like and they combine cooperative with competitive drills.  These are best in team environment and allows everyone to contribute to the class.  It’s very fun because all levels participate and contribute to the outcome of the game.

In this podcast episode I will go into more detail and show you have to put together fun drills to keep you classes lively and your players improving.

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