3am in NYC after the US Open.




Brian Lutz / September 11, 2017


US Open Tennis

New York, NY- It was an amazing scene on Sunday night and into Monday morning on the East side of Manhattan.

Around sixty guests of Kevin showed up after the Men’s US Open Final for a dinner party to celebrate his journey. They came from Chicago, Florida, Texas, South Africa, Connecticut, Japan and crosstown just to experience first hand and in real life as our friend went on a journey most people can only dream about. Now it’s real life for all of us.

Everyone came to NYC on their own dime to support our friend who is living the dream that all of us appreciate so very much. It felt like a wedding reception with Kenny, his omnipresent camera man, snapping pictures throughout the evening. In fact, Kenny flew in twice this weekend between gigs just to be a part of it.

We ate, drank then ate some more, shared stories and when it was over Steve organized the After Party. Naturally, it turned to more drinking with toasts, cheers and simply more cherished experiences.

It got me thinking. What really made this whole tournament for Kevin and his ecosystem of support was not just our love for Kevin and tennis but ‘bucket list’ experiences it brought us all. It’s one of the reasons we all got such pleasure out of watching him climb the stands after the semi-final win. Who does that? It was so authentic and in the moment. We can’t stop smiling and celebrating as we rehash each moment and slowly come down off our US Open high we don’t want to end.

When you participate a tennis match you are going to either win or lose it. But the thing that keeps us coming back for more isn’t the winning but the experiences. Chasing the fuzzy yellow sphere has captivated us all and will never really leave us whether we are watching or playing

This photo taken outside the After Party was the moment that encapsulates it all for me just before 3am Monday morning.

Brian Lutz

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Photo: Kevin, Kelsey, and Me