Brian Lutz / December 18, 2019

The hardest stroke in tennis is the serve.

So one of the first things I do is start by offering a tip on how to hold the racquet on the grip.

A word of caution.  The Continental Grip is the most efficient and ideal grip to serve with. But it comes with nuance and can be a big adjustment for players.  In the beginning I’m not over emphasizing the location of the hand on the racquet to achieve a content grip.  I will show players but I won’t over correct in the beginning because I want players to keep things simple and just get a feel for some fundamental movements.

In this podcast episode I go over the challenge of learning how to hinge your wrist on the serve by using a progression based system so players can start at the top of the handle and learn to control the ball with their new found technique.

As they advance I move them down to the middle of the grip so they can begin to practice the technique and get a the unique feel of hitting upward on the ball rather than swatting it like a fly swatter or “frying pan”.

There is a lot of directions we can go with a serving tip but for now I want to keep it simple. We are just going to focus on how to hold the racquet.

Once you graduate from the middle of the grip I will show you how to hold the racquet at the end of the racquet near the butt cap (you will see mine is missing in the Instagram video below-kinda embarrassing) to create more power.

To maximize the effectiveness of this tip. First listen to the podcast then watch the video on my IG page.  Then go back and listen to the podcast again if you need to absorb the information.

How Low Should You Hold Your Racquet On Your Serve?

Instagram @Backhand_City

See the video demonstration here on the three grips from my Instagram page.

So those are the three progressions for learning the serve using the top, middle and bottom portions on the handle of your tennis racquet.

Brian Lutz

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