Brian Lutz / October 29, 2019

Best Tennis Lessons in Miami and the Beach

Type into Google “tennis lessons miami” or “tennis lessons near me” and you get an overload of tennis instructor options to choose from. If you are not familiar with the local tennis scene you might find it overwhelming. I’m here to help you find the tennis coach, academy or tennis class that is right for you and your budget.

Before you start check out this practical  video for consumer tips on finding the right tennis pro to meet your needs.

5 Clues Your Tennis Pro May Suck

When you get to Page 1 of Google.

The first thing you will notice is the advertising.  The top two to three entries are (PPC) pay by click ads. Most are referral programs so you aren’t dealing with the actual pro or club directly.  What we will focus on in this blog post is the page one organic search listing.  These are the one’s google has decided are the most relevant to you.

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How To Decipher Page 1 of Google When Searching for a Tennis Pro



Firstly, you will see the Google Places category.  It’s simply a map of all of the tennis facilities near where you live. This can be helpful narrowing your choice since these are real world brick and mortar facilities with tennis program, coaches, membership and court rentals.

If you click on different selections you will notice some website are more informative than others. Some tennis clubs will pick up the phone others will not. This is part of your research.

Below that you will typically see the organic search results and how Google decided to rank the facilities based on your own behavior in your search engine browser (yes they track that) and the activity of the  websites that are listed.  It’s a complicated algorithm but one of the biggest measurements is traffic.  I will break it down this page 1 organic search list into 3 main categories: Tennis Referral Sites, Local Parks and Yelp.

This is a sample of an Intermediate level tennis class with Backhand City in Coconut Grove.


These sites are the middle man for  the local tennis pro.  All of these services are out of state and build relationships with local tennis professionals to get them new customers and take a commission from the hourly rate that you pay.  It’s used mostly for tennis professionals who are new in the area or teach tennis part time as a second income.

I know a few tennis professionals who use it as well as a tennis students to mixed reviews.  Pro’s think the commission deducted is too high and  customers who were taking the lessons found it unreliable and irritable. The primary reason was they couldn’t speak to the tennis professional directly since they had to have their questions go through the referral service who then would call the pro and wait back to hear back before calling back the prospect.  Tennis referral sites do qualify their tennis professionals but they need pro’s for their business model to work so they take anyone who has a pulse with no blatant red flags.


Examples of referral sites are: Thumbtack,, PlayYourCourt, CoachUp and  Some even have a toll free number if you want to chat to a human being from the state they are running their business from our even live chat sessions.


Many cities in Miami and Miami Beach have tennis concessions issued by the respective Parks department.   Tennis concessions are bid on by tennis instructors or management companies that want the rights to teach tennis and run tennis programs on public tennis facilities.  These are nice options to private clubs because some of the public facilities in Miami and Miami Beach have some of the nicest tennis courts around.


Twins of Miami offer tennis lessons in Downtown, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables including their popular Underground Tennis Movement.

There are also a lot of tennis professionals to choose from at these clubs as well so if you don’t find one you like right away you can try another.  These pro’s work as primarily independent contractors for the management company so the lines of communications are  better than with the referral sites.  But typically, you can  communicate with professional or front desk to book and pay for your tennis lessons.

A lot of independent contractors that aren’t tied to a particular tennis club can also be a nice option such as the Twins of Miami.  Tennis professional like Bulgarian twins Djina and Nona teach at various parks and tennis facilities from Miami Beach to Key Biscayne.


A lot of social media platforms include reviews.  In our example here Yelp rings supreme and is a great way to quickly seek validation before your make your purchase.   Good tennis pro’s will have Yelp reviews with happy customers. So check them out if you are seeking social proof before you buy tennis lessons.

Good tennis professionals will ask a lot of questions to find the tennis program that is right for you.  So if you want private tennis lessons to hone your game, group tennis lessons to increase your social circles or you want a great workout.  Look for the program that meets your individual needs then grab your tennis racket and have fun!


Additionally, private tennis clubs such as Coral Oaks Tennis Club and Royal Palm Tennis Club in the heart of Pinecrest offer tennis memberships.  Both clubs have initiation fees and monthly dues and also require  typically two member sponsors. The approval process typically goes through a tennis committee and can take up to 30-45 days.  Once you have jumped through all of the hoops you and a significant deposit you have access to tennis lessons programs and their amenities.


In summary, when you are looking for the right solution for your tennis game market research shows location and customer service are the two most important benefits tennis players are looking for.  So make sure these values are present as your search for a tennis professional.

Early in the process if your phone calls, texts and emails aren’t being returned promptly its a red flag of more disappointment to come.  Naturally, find a place to play tennis near where you work and live also can prove to be a deal breaker.  Market research has shown players are willing to drive up to 20 minutes for their tennis game.

It’s a good idea to figure out the traffic patterns whether you are coming from home or office.  In Miami the traffic snarls it its peak around 5:15pm and subsides significantly by 6:45pm.  So if you can find a tennis class that starts around 7:30 or after you will find your travel time to class be much easier commute.

Written by Brian Lutz

HINT: Brian teaches after work adult tennis programs in Miami.  He offers adult tennis programs for: Novice (Beginner), Advanced Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tennis players (LiveBall).  For those who don’t live in Miami you can learn the art of playing tennis on via his online school on Complete Tennis Player.  If you live in the Miami area you can reserve your spot in class on Backhand City.