Social Tennis This Monday Night.

Coconut Grove, FL- Join us for our Intermediate level tennis clinic this coming Monday, June 5th for a fun night of tennis and a few beers after class. First round of drinks is on me. Sign up here to reserve your spot in our:

Monday Night Tennis Lesson Series

Questions: Ask@Backhand

Drinks after tennis with the Lokal girls in Coconut Grove

Hint: If you are busy this summer and can’t make all of the dates don’t sweat it we are flexible for missed classes. Go ahead and sign up.

Commit to 100% Laziness

Miami, FL- My favorite day of the week is Sunday and one of my favorite past times is “dragging my feet” around town. This requires pure one-hundred percent laziness. In fact, I choose not to even tie my shoes on Sundays. One reason is they always come untied and since I’m lazy it really goes hand in hand, hold on, I mean step by step with dragging your feet.

Now if you have read this far you must be wondering where this story is going. I had a tennis student recently tell me after he missed one of his famous sizzling forehands: “Is it because I’m a lazy mover? I don’t move my feet”. I thought about it for a few seconds and I said: “It’s not that your feet are lazy. It’s that your footwork lacks discipline.”

Almost instantly, he had an “aha moment”. After all, he realized he was capable of moving his feet into the proper sequence, balance and spacing it was just at times he was lazy. Like me on Sundays where I’m not really putting much care into lifting my souls off the pavement on my way to the ice cream shop for a berry smoothie.

This is one reason we do a lot of agility work and footwork exercises in our classes. These workouts make students aware of their feet and how they move in coordination with the rest of the body as you strike a tennis ball. It can be frustrating to know you need to “move your feet” but they still don’t respond.

No worries. I have a solution and I know how you feel. Just don’t ask me to demonstrate on Sunday.





Brian “Foot Dragging On Sunday” Lutz

P.s. Do you know which is the correct foot to hit off of when you hit your forehand ground stroke?

Red Ball Wall Workout



We interrupt conventional wisdom with a red tennis ball and a wall.

Self reliance is the foundation of your improvement. The ideas you implement are just as important as the practice you put into them.

We give you the concept, the action plan and the inter-active coach to help you learn how to play tennis. Join us as we make tennis accessible to everyone for just $7 / month.


The fundamentals are crucial to the scalability of your game. The things you learn in the this course are the fundamentals you will refer to your entire playing life.

Brian takes your through the game of how to play tennis step by step. Each lesson is in easy to consume terminology with each concept demonstrated by one of Brian’s students with him right with you every step of the way ready to elaborate, interact and inspire.


Ever sail the ball long over court into the back fence and not understand how to fix it without hitting an abbreviated version of the “patty cake special”? Hint: you didn’t swing too hard.


Practice with purpose. Each video allows you a few days in between to hit the practice wall and tennis court and while you absorb each progression. Our video tips are of actual recreational tennis students just like you in 2-4 minute easy to consume lessons that work on specific tasks to that build your game gradually over time. You track your progress with Brian each step of the way. The entire comprehensive course will have you playing tennis in under 100 days.


Join our discussion boards, email Brian and post yourself playing tennis on your Facebook page by tagging @TennisTIP to get Brian’s feedback on your technique. We taken over 30 years of teaching experience while curating tennis instruction on the internet and brought it to one place under one system:


Start with our free orientation videos to get started followed by your first Pop Quiz so pay attention this is real life and comprehensive tennis lesson experience.

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Online Tennis Lessons Starring You.
Online Tennis Lessons Starring You.