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Find out who’s playing tennis near you. Stay up to date with South Florida’s Tennis Court Openings during Covid-19. Tennis Courts Open Wednesday For Singles Play Only Area tennis clubs in South Florida will be rolling out Phase 1 with the opening of tennis facilities on Wednesday April 29th. Many public municipalities will have different […]


Get ready to transform your tennis game for $35/month. MY NAME IS BRIAN LUTZ. I help aspiring tennis players with inconsistent shots by giving them a practice plan to become a good tennis player. Follow the plan and do the homework and you will see how quickly your tennis game improves. Here are your membership options: Professional On […]


So what happens if you pick up the wrong ball on your court and play the point out? Question #1: Is it a friendly game or sanctioned League or Tournament? Question #2: What kind of tennis balls are you using? Question #3: How many balls are you using? Question #4: What is the right thing […]

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“Às vezes você tem que ser o treinador assistente.” Nick Bollettieri Ao longo dos anos, participei de muitas conferências comerciais para professores de tênis e, muitas vezes, o tópico número um (ou queixa) entre os treinadores é como aproveitar o entusiasmo dos pais de tênis. Tradução você pode ficar fora do caminho? Os pais querem […]


Sign Up For Our Covid-19 Tennis Court Newsletter To Get Notified When Tennis Courts Open Near You. The Federal, State and County governments continue to implement protocols for the reopening of Parks throughout Florida. With Miami-Dade being the most populated area the neighboring cities and counties await the Mayor’s Task Force to outline the guidelines […]


Tee Shirts for tennis players that crave inspiration and desire to reach greater heights. When coming up with a tee shirt design to replace my angst for the cancelled Miami Open I wanted a design to not only reflect the style and vibrancy of Miami but also the historical significance of the tournament to the […]