Marketing Exercise: Can you name 5 brands in this photo?


"Can I have a Coke please?" "Is Pepsi, okay?"

Most of us have experienced the soda phenomenon when ordering at restuarants. Your company's brand is its biggest asset whether you are the mighty corporate entity like Coca-Cola or the local convience store that sells soda.  Brand is just as important to a small business with a small advertising budget.  Study this photo on the tennis court and see if you can name 5 brands.


Not suprisingly, driving your company's brand awareness spreads word of mouth referrals thus increasing company sales. 

The often over looked value of branding is the Succession Plan when you decide to sell your business one day.  All companies no matter how large or small have value or they wouldn't be in business. Whether you sell ownership of your business to a key employee, strategic partner, competitor or outside investor having a great brand makes your business value increase for the day you plan your exit strategy and sell your ownership stake.  Let's start increasing your brand value today.


We offer great value to Start Up's key decision maker(s) whose time and energy is so valuable. If you are just starting out or been in business for a short amount of time and don't have a lot of advertising budget we offer a varitety of cost effective solutons to get the word out about your company.


Statistically, most of the small business web traffic delivered to your website is via direct entry.  This means customers and prospects are typing your site name into their browser to find out more information. These visitors statistically spend more time and money with your brand when they visit this way.   Investing in your brand increase these types of visitors and qualified leads.


Most business owners agree branding is paramount but don't have the time or resources to give it the attention it deserves. We take the headaches out of branding your business making it affordable and convenient.


All you need is a live website or social media page.  We will create the ads, purchase the campaigns and compile monthly reports for your analysis. Simply, pick out a monthly budget, target audience, reach and fill out your payment information. Then focus on your business.  We will handle the advertising. Sign Up Here.


We will create multiple ad campaigns for your brand on various websites in your local market and analyze the most effective ones and redistribute your budget based on the one that are getting the best results.  At the end of each 30-day cycle we will fill out a summary report in plain English (no confusing charts or graphs or analytics) to monitor how your brand is growing and to get your feedback.  We will utilize your website and its content to promote your brand.  


If you have special promotions or want to increase awareness of certain seasonal products or services put it up on your website and let us know which page/ link you want to promote thorughout the year. We will incorporate it into your advertising campaign while promoting your business year round.

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You are billed every 30 days via your debit or credit card.

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Our media buys utliize network advertising platforms . If you are looking for a specific website or category to advertise to please note it on your application. (Example if you run a library choosing might be a good site to advertise).

Photo answers: Penn, Wilson, Babolot, Tourna Grip and University of Miami. Bonus brand if you are looking at this on a high resolution screen.  US Open co-brand on Wilson tennis ball.

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